Apr 19, 2014


"more creation for creations sake.  more friendships, more cheap thrills.  more effort expended to reach for the stars.  more margaritas at the new favorite spot.  more photos printed, framed and displayed.  more digging in dirt.  more letting the chips fall where they may.  more chances taken, more dances danced.  more music played, more books read.  more silliness and more helpless laughter.  more explorations and more discoveries.  more simple joy in simple pleasures.  more letters to friends for no special reason.  more star-gazing.  more kissing like you mean it.  more picking flowers. more climbing mountains and sleeping outside.  more dressing up.  more giving gifts.  more making cookies.  more countries crossed off the list.  more room and more simplicity.  more fresh air.  

more room for the good shit. less space for the bullshit."

~my journal


really april? more snow?


Apr 15, 2014


After arriving stateside in the very end of winter; freezing, brown and dead, I'm experiencing the joys of the coming spring.  Every year around this time I start playing in dirt.  This year we're in a condo with no garden.  But that is changing!  We've found a home, with a garden and yard and even a chicken coop.  I'm so excited to get my hands dirty and help things grown in my own space instead of a garden for someone else.

I'm daydreaming of flowers, and sunlight and bees.

Apr 12, 2014


This pose combines the strength and balance of Natarajasana (or dancers pose) with the invigorating back-bending of mermaid.  Needless to say - it's challenging.  Don't even try it unless you're warmed up, and/or super bendy.  This is one of those poses that really demonstrates how important it is to breathe and focus while remaining both strong and fluid.  You will probably fall if you rush it.  There's a metaphor in there somewhere....

* Shift your weight into your standing leg (let's say your left).

* Bend your right knee and take hold of your inner ankle with your right hand (palm facing out).

* Keeping your hips square, lift and press your foot up as you shift slightly forward and start bringing a bend into your back, as if you are going into dancer.

* Instead of pressing back with your foot, and reaching with your arm; keep lifting your foot up and work your toe, foot or ankle into the crook of your right elbow.

* Keep lifting, back-bending and balancing as you reach straight up with your left hand.

* Breathe.

* Slowly bend your left elbow and reach back to clasp your right hand.

* Breath deeply, opening your chest, arching your back, squaring your hips, and lifting your right leg.

* To come out slowly release your clasp, then gently release your right foot.  Take a few deep breaths standing in mountain pose, then do the other side.

* Once you've done both sides, do a nice, lazy, bent legged forward fold to release the tension in your back.

Namaste bitches, xx.




One day I walked outside and noticed everywhere, little signs of spring.


John's visit to Denver happened to coincide with the Game of Thrones premier, so naturally we had a small viewing party.  

John was clearly a Lannister.

Apr 6, 2014


the sky over the mountains was so incredible today.  unfortunately, i only had my iphone on me and it doesn't really do it justice.  but it was still the prettiest moment of my thursday.

Apr 1, 2014


hills are blue

"I live on mountain-time now, I live in the mountains.  I watch storms brewing and count seconds between lightening and thunder.  I read books about cowboys and Comanches and I imagine a time when the west wore no fences.  I scour the ground for feathers and arrowheads.  I climb and descend.  I summit.  I glory in a mountian life; the lowlands seem a distant memory.  I almost forget the time I spent there - the bounty of oxygen, the sound of the sea.  My life in the city - a dream.  My heart expands infinitely here, with the altitude, encompasses all around, above and below.  I am a mountain girl... and I am home."

journal 8.2.13