Jun 30, 2010


isa bear
this is isa...........she's a character.

Jun 28, 2010


tamalpais day

tom waits, rain dogs, anywhere i lay my head. look into it.


the treehouse


tonight i wanna party like it's 1849

if you weren't at the barbary coast party at kobbetown on saturday night you pretty much missed the party of the summer. too bad!

(this is panda, handy and ace........ just a few of my epic roommates.)


wonder of the world

everyday i drive over her twice. not a bad daily commute. sure beats l.a.

Jun 24, 2010





this is the elusive drew kelly..... he's a wizard.

Jun 22, 2010


remember letters?

i've been going through and systematically throwing out everything i own. ritual purging? no.
this is more of an intentional exercise in complete and abrupt lifestyle re-evaluation.

i am leaving. finally.

come august i will be out of the kobbe house, out of san francisco and into the unknown. if all goes according to plan i will be out in the world getting lost for an extended period of time. my goal is to go for at least one year with no solid obligation and only the vaguest set of destinations. (i'm sure my parents are thrilled!) a huge experiment in: what i am capable of (i suspect alot), leaving completely any comfort zone i've been hovering in, being open to everything that comes, and in letting go constantly.

thus the first round of letting go. the giant one. i've been asking myself questions like; "do i really need my taxidermy unicorn head? how much is it worth to me? like in dollars? should i even keep my cd's? who could i give them to? will john take care of my aloe plants? who gets all these clothes? do i ever need a mirror again? maybe not. maybe i will never need a mirror again."

it is getting a little intense in my mind right now as i go through layers of years of crap. because really... that is what it is. it is all just crap. a part of me wants to just throw it all out without giving it a second look or a second thought. but of course i can't. i find myself thinking things like, "when i die this letter will provide such valuable insight into who i was. people will need to see it, they'll understand something."

WTF!!!??? where do these thoughts even fucking come from? when i die? when i DIE?! that's why i'm keeping this essay devin wrote about me in 2001? that's why i have every letter from friends whom i haven't spoken to in over a decade? for people to go through when i die?

that feels so stupid. although today dustin assured me that it was not. "we're photographers marin," he said, "that's how we are. we're anthropologists."

i guess he's right. but still... there are some things that future humans do not need to know. not to mention things that the future me does not need to be hauling around with her. so i'm trashing these things, selling these things, giving these things to people. because i really really don't want things anymore.

(i did find a dollar in one of devin's old letters. score!)


a kiss

Jun 21, 2010



reminder: abundance is not like hard drive space - there is no cap on this shit. you don't lose any when someone else gets some. and you don't need to jealously guard the good luck you have.

more is more babies.


reaping rewards

Jun 18, 2010


sweet success

i really do make these with so much love. love for the product, the process and the potion itself. i hope it translates. i hope you can feel it when you use it. i've been told you can.

i have my potions on my website now - available for all to purchase. spread the world people.

Jun 17, 2010


bird free

you wouldn't believe how easy it is to change everything in your life. it only takes a decision, a few difficult conversations and some action.
you can so quickly become the demolition crew in your own carefully constructed universe.

no one really tells you that... how quickly you can dismantle everything that felt so necessary.
it's not. you can. real quick.

sometimes it feels so good to break it all down.

and then suddenly you're standing there. dust whirling around the felled walls you'd been so busy building; nothing where once you were surrounded.

they only ever tell you to work hard. but they never tell you why. i propose that all that hard work was worth it... and maybe the best reason to do it is to knock it all down and watch with glee as it smashes to bits.

and then something new begins.................


endings and open mic's


there goes the neighborhood

Jun 15, 2010


dis.appointment day

i'm re-reading eat, pray, love and yesterday evening i got to the part where she's talking about her italian friend's theory that every city has a word. if the city's word and your personal word don't match you will never truly be at home in that city. in the book rome's word is SEX. new yorks word is ACHIEVE while los angeles is SUCCEED.

so i was thinking. what is san francisco's word?

i'm not sure if it's right but i came up with BE. or perhaps IRREVERENT. i'd love to get some opinions on this.
what is the word of this pastel, lego-land on the ocean? where we've embraced public nudity, public drunkenness and public urination? what word for this city of a million hills, a million spectacular views and a million kinds of fog? what word for north beach, the mission, haight st, and the castro smashed up together in 7x7.... and all the music, parades, street fairs and street dwellers?

what word for all of us cheerfully living on a fault line?


Jun 14, 2010


pasta day.

this is ross. he excels at list-making.... spelling not so much.




my sweet tooth is out of control

if this is wrong i don't want to be right.

check out jessica's other delicious creations, personally my favorite is the lemon meringue tart....

Jun 10, 2010


last hurrah

my only piece of mail. couldn't ask for anything better.


stuck in the middle


summer in the city


bankrupt on sellin


one of these days..........
i gave the cowgirl my costumes on sunday. it made me so happy to pass on my turquoise, high-heeled cowboy boots to someone who could really appreciate them.

Jun 6, 2010


homemade hustle

this is nicole and babs, aka homemade hustle. they are (obviously) pretty fantastic.

get your asses down to the bollyhood cafe at 19th and mission every saturday and sunday and let these hot mamas cook you some brunch.

you won't regret it!!!!


commitment and coincidence


lcd is playing at my house, my house!

lcd soundsystem. this is happening. home. look into it...

Jun 3, 2010


welcome, they said welcome to the floor

sometimes i just marvel at my love for music. it's like nothing else. it outshines almost everything.


devin's birthday

Jun 1, 2010


lazy cherry tarte ta tan...slash pie


day of nothing.


i've never been to city lights.

"it's an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in san francisco."


exit through the gift shop


animal vegetable miracle