May 26, 2015



yesterday i strung these lines for the peas to grow up.  today they are already using them!  success! 


finally! sun!



another rainy day cat selfie

May 22, 2015


I am so thrilled to be offering Yoga Nidra classes beginning in June.  Here is my class description, I can't wait!

This one hour class begins with basic stretching and asana to prepare the body, some mindful breathing to still the mind and follows with about 35 – 45 minutes of blissfully relaxing Yoga Nidra.

The ancient practice of Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep is the state of relaxation your body and mind enter during this deep meditation.  In the restorative posture of Svasana you are led past wakefulness and the dream state into the state of deep sleep, all while remaining conscious and aware.  It is an incredibly healing practice, good for creating ease in the body and stillness and insight in the mind.  The benefits of a regular Yoga Nidra practice are numerous and can be especially helpful to counteract the effects of stress and anxiety that are prevalent in our modern, busy culture.

(Also, if you are looking for some dense reading look no further than Tantric philosophy.)


backyard progress photo 4



May 20, 2015


This mudra affects the "jal" or water in the body and is known as the water mudra, Jal-vardhak mudra (which seemed appropriate today as we enter another flood watch).  This mudra is expressed by gently pressing the tip of the little finger against the thumb while keeping the ring, middle and pointer fingers extended together. In yogic view the little finger represents the element of water.  Performing Varun mudra increases the water content of the body by affecting and aiding the water metabolism.  It helps to rehydrate cells, tissues, muscles, fascia, skin, connective tissue, etc.  

In Ayurveda water is a component of Kapha + Pitta.  This mudra can be beneficial to balance Vata but those with excessive Kapha + Pitta should only practice it moderately.

In addition to helping with a variety of moisture depletion related ailments in the body (cramps, indigestion, constipation, joint degeneration) this mudra helps the unconscious become conscious.  Practice for a duration of 15 - 45 minutes.  Namaste bitches, xx.

May 19, 2015


still raining.


one of your irises popped open today!


well the rains have come back, raising the creeks to the banks and beyond.  the flooding and widening of the creek beds has been great for the duck population.  i've seen so many beautiful mallards this spring, more than ever before.


this too is the world, just not how you're used to seeing it.


zephyr and i had the most beautiful walk this morning.  spring has sprung.


happy birthday meagan!

May 11, 2015


happy mothers day!

the snow was pretty devastating for some of the spring flowers that had already started blooming around here.  this morning i went around the yard and picked the broken branches and ruined blooms and brought them in to make a bouquet. 


portrait of birdie 5,321,974
after raining for a week straight it's now snowing.  obviously i'm inside snuggling with this little noodle.

May 9, 2015


for the past five days while i have been sick in bed it has been raining, no pouring.  today we are on flash flood and areal flood alert.  the ground has literally become so saturated that it can hold no more moisture and the water has begun to pool, puddle and overflow in low-lying areas.  meanwhile the flash flooding effects the creeks and streams as the water swells and overruns the banks.  this is obviously very unusual weather in such an arid climate.  in fact, i've never thought this ever before in colorado, but i wish it would stop raining. 

May 6, 2015


this book had me laughing in the introduction.  it's pretty awesome.  given the neurosis outlined herein i thought it appropriate that i finished it today in urgent care.


i'm so disappointed today; i bought all these starts yesterday and woke up this morning with a horrible cold, too sick to plant them.  at least it's pouring rain.



yoga teacher training is one of the highlights of my whole month.  i can't believe we only have 3 months left!