Mar 27, 2013


cnx -> bkkblue sky!  how i've missed you!  today i reached the point where i'm starting to feel ready to come home...... instead i went to bangkok.  which, just to clarify, is way crazier.

Mar 26, 2013


                                                                                                                   playing hooky day

there is such an abundance of chaos.  sometimes you have to find some stillness and rest there.


                                                                                                                    skype date day

Mar 24, 2013


you know what's fun?  scootering around with your buddy.  i love you nikki!  see you very soon. xx

Mar 23, 2013


                                                                                                                 fah lanna


grouper, the man who died in his boat, vital - look into it.

Mar 21, 2013


hanging out at ban kong rao - "make our home your home"

"...the air quality here - never very high - has taken a dramatic and decided turn for the worse.  it is so damn smokey right now.  here are the various rumors we've heard as to why overnight visibility has dropped to less than a kilometer:

    - burma is burning and the smoke has drifted over the border.
    - there is a nearby forest fire.
    - the officials enforcing the "no burn" law have been paid to look the other way and burning has been taken up in earnest.

   what do i mean by burning?  just exactly that; burnable waste is not composted here, it's cremeted.  in the hills the farmers burn brush and plant waste, in the town people burn their trash.  it happens constantly in costa rica as well but when you factor in a population of millions and combine it with cooking smoke and tuk tuk fumes and motorbike exhaust, not to mention cars and trucks and planes and factories... you get the picture.  the air is unbreathable. 
    we spent most of the day in hiding, venturing out briefly but mostly staying in the cool dark of our air-conditioned room.  of course we can't hide forever and i imagine that soon i'll be scootering around in a face mask like a thai ninja.
  oh and yoga classes will now be held indoors at the studio across the street.  no more rooftop sessions.
  luckily our hotel is an amazingly comfortable place to hangout at.  in fact after all our searching it may end up being the location we've been looking for.  i can picture it.... and i like that my first home in thailand may end up being my ultimate home in thailand..."

Mar 18, 2013


this is just a reminder: you have to experience the village to appreciate the city....  and vice versa.

Mar 17, 2013


"...we're in the countryside visiting eugene and big in their village.  they have a farm and albeit small it contains everything you could want; fruit, herbs, veggies, chickens, ducks, coffee, mushrooms, even a fish pond.
russ and i are staying in the guesthouse, which big keeps calling the honeymoon house, made of bamboo and thatch and perched on stilts above the creek that runs through their property.  it is so quiet and calm compared to the hustle and chaos of changmai.  everywhere there are purring cats and relaxing cushions and pillows in the shade.  i hear bird calls again instead of traffic and my soul breathes a bit easier....
...the village is small, sleepy and very poor.  big just returned from the store where everyone sits outside and gambles for prizes.  he's won not one but two giant bottles of whiskey, which was maybe the most exciting event of the day.
while we were there earlier, gambling, we saw a beautiful young boy watching while his mother played.  eugene revealed that the boy wanted to be a ladyboy and his mother supported him, saying he could be whatever he wanted.  this whole thing is more accepted here in general. at the schools they even have three bathrooms; one for girls, one for boys, and one for the undecided....."



"...i don't think i expected to be back in asia so soon, but here i find myself, less than one year after arriving in bali; riding a scooter down the left side of the road, marveling at the beauty and insanity and smelling the good bad smells of southeast asia.
thailand is magnificent.  i haven't even scratched the surface and i'm already enchanted.  the markets and monks and spirit houses and the glorious food and the ladyboys and the wots and the lanterns and the rooftops and the massages and the mission we're on all blend together to create a most intoxicating atmosphere.

one of my favorite things about this place has to be the graceful formality fo the palms pressed in prayer and the respectful bowing of the head, a movement that every thai makes in greeting, in thanks and in observance of your similar sentiments.  everywhere you go all this palm pressing and bowing - there is something so delightful about it you can't help but be effected and elevated.

no wonder they call it the land of smiles.
today russ and eugene and i are going on a house finding mission.  i can't wait to scooter around with my camera, my love and my new friend in search of our new home in this most magical kingdom..."

Mar 14, 2013


                                                                                                                    taking care of business day

dengue fever, venus on earth, monsoon of perfume, look into it.

Mar 10, 2013


"....we are staying at the dusit thani in bangkok.  in thai dusit thani means 'gifts of heaven to create heaven on earth'.  i suppose then that the gifts of heaven are comfortable beds, silver tea trays with chicory flavored coffee, courteous, bowing, little men in funny little hats, tiered fountains full of coy fish, golden elephant statues, beautiful women playing exotic instruments and opulent bouquets of tropical flowers everywhere.  perhaps in heaven everything is covered in ornate gold leaf.  and if heaven on earth is a fragrant, beautiful soothing oasis in the midst of a chaos of smells, sounds, smog and sweating throngs then... yeah.

it's a long way from the palapas and jungles of costa rica but i take so much joy in unrolling my mat and doing yoga in the sky....."

Mar 1, 2013


lingerit's hard for me to take a serious photo of my dad. 



went to the g-eazy concert with a gaggle of teenagers.  #kidsthesedays