Jul 30, 2010



you guys are family. thanks for the awesome surprise party!

and i'm off!


i know a good thing when i see it

this is quinn.......................he has a winning smile.

Jul 29, 2010


davey dream

this is a dream i had once, a long time ago. i found it in the attic.

Jul 28, 2010


shay in her shamwow

she was graduating. i was so proud.


future trip

Jul 26, 2010


sad and sweet


the mafia always wins

these are my awesome roommates & friends - past and present........... ana lisa, ace, cat, ariel, coco, sweets, sheridan, cupcake, panda, vito, handy, diezel, me - flash, and smokey.

missing from this photo: bubbles, sparkles, peach, jc, tobias, julie, chloe, maggie, paul, jessica, tink, remi, adam, steph, abi, lauren, stephen, soren, and jr. i think that's everyone.

goodbye kobbetown!!! living in this house with all of you people has been one of the greatest adventures and i feel so lucky to have been a resident of 1304a. i'm now passing the torch to sweets* - senior kobbe resident!!

(don't be alarmed if you randomly find me sleeping in the attic once in a while. i'll miss that place. and i'll miss you guys.)

p.s. yes in case you were counting i've had 30 roommates in this one house. 21 people have moved out since i've moved in.



Jul 23, 2010


happy birthday mikey!

a remedy for fury:
1. put on black studded, steel toed, cowboy boots with skulls on the tips
2. get pissed at the most likely suspect
3. eat a hamburger
4. kick over something precious and precariously balanced
5. go to the dead weather show
6. weave through traffic
7. surprise someone on their birthday with a homemade ice cream cake
8. eat two slices
9. call me in the morning

if that doesn't work there's always whiskey and a bar fight.

Jul 22, 2010



this is just reminder: film still exists and it is highly enjoyable. you should give it a try sometime. take it to lightwaves. they can process it for you and print it masterfully. tell them marin* sent you. seriously. just one roll, try it.

thanks dirk, brian, lance. i owe you sooooooooo much!

Jul 21, 2010



thanks to everyone who came to my opening at revolver. it was brilliant to see you. the support means so much to me.

cat this song is for you.


barbary coast

dear san francisco,
it's been 6 years now, the best 6 years of my life so far. i hope you'll understand when i say that it's not you - it's me. you are beautiful. you are amazing. you are doing great things.
it's been so hard coming to this decision, the decision to leave you here. indeed i've thought of it before but you always did something cute and i just couldn't bring myself to go. this time is different; the time has finally come. i can't commit to you forever while always wondering if there was something beyond your borders that i was missing out on. i'm young and free and i have to do this now.
i hope you know that you'll always have my heart, no matter how cliche that sounds. i'll carry visions of your beauty out into the world with me. and i'll be back.

p.s. you are kind of expensive.

Jul 19, 2010


indie mart

this is steph and this is james........stunning beauty and pig assassin extraordinaire.



oh hi! i'm a superhero now.

Jul 18, 2010


mad face

this is just a reminder: no matter what you gotta stand up for yourself. you can't expect anyone else to do it, especially if you yourself won't.

you're your only sure thing..... this shouldn't be depressing.

Jul 15, 2010


something precious

a million moments i think of you. one million tiny goodbyes to say to each memory of you. leaving you here means i won't see you again; not until i get to new york, or until i come back. i may leave you here for good my love. i'll cross that bridge you jumped off and never look back.

but i'll take your bird breath with me in my hollow heart. i'll keep your feathers in my shoebox. and i will listen so hard while i'm looking.

i'll listen for your song.

Jul 14, 2010


almsot perfect wednesday

deer tick, war elephant, art isn't real. look into it.


goodbye grace

thank you so much, for everything.

Jul 12, 2010



i'm obsessed with this mixtape.
blue eyes meets bed stuy: b.i.g. vs. sinatra. look into it.


you can't win


90 degrees in the shade


st. vincent's

Jul 9, 2010

Jul 8, 2010


happy birthday ben!

love you more.

Jul 7, 2010


ooooohhhhh nooooooo - sentimental attack!

i'm going to miss you d. thanks for all the tunes. xo

Jul 6, 2010


this is mikey.... he really makes me smile

today ben said, "if i were to kill someone for their ipod and all their music, i would kill you."

if ever i go suspiciously missing and ben has a new ipod - now you know why.


happy birthday america!

we had a pretty epic feast on the fourth of july this year. it completely made up for the fact that we couldn't really see the fireworks because of the fog and an unfortunately placed tree. this was the menu:

north carolina style pulled pork sandwiches
potato salad
green summer salad
grilled corn with poblano parmesan rub
homemade peach ice cream
homemade strawberry mint milk shakes

i know.


sunny scorpios

when we got to the top of the ridge we jumped up and down and ate peaches.


keep calm and carry on

Jul 2, 2010


we ain't sure where you stand, you ain't machines and you ain't land

one month left.... then i go see how small the world really is.

Jul 1, 2010


the devil works quick you know it don't take long.

i didn't go to mexico today. just found this on a disc. posting, then throwing away. xo