Oct 27, 2014


I'm afraid this was one of those dishes that didn't get precisely recorded.  I can guestimate the contents and amounts though.  It's worth playing around with - it was SO. DAMN. GOOD.

I'm calling it chili pie.

-pie crust
- 6-8 small grilling onions (or one large red onion)
- 1 green bell pepper
- 1 purple bell pepper (or red)
- 1 lb roasted, seeded and sliced sweet red peppers (I used sweet Carmens)
- 1 lb roasted seeded and sliced chili peppers (I used Sandia's - very hot)
- 1 tomato
- 10 - 12 eggs
- 1 cup milk or non-dairy milk
- 5-6 T flour
- 2 t sweet paprika
- cumin
- salt
- pepper

- Blind bake a flaky pie crust following a recipe of your choice.

- Preheat your oven to 375

- Saute the onions and all the peppers over medium high heat: after the onions start to soften (about 5 minutes) add the bell peppers (5 minutes more),  then lastly the roasted peppers.  Season with about 2-3 tsp sweet paprika,  a dash of cumin and salt and pepper to taste.  You could add a variety of spices here - but the peppers really have great flavor so why cover that up? 

- In a bowl whisk the eggs and milk with the flour and some salt and pepper.

- Add one layer of the onion/pepper mixture, then pour in a layer of egg mixture, add another layer of onion/ pepper, followed by more egg until the pie is full to brimming. Add the sliced tomatoes on top.

- Carefully place in the center rack of the oven and cook for about 20 minutes on 375 then drop the temp to 350.  Cooking time here will vary depending on whether the milk is dairy or non.  Basically cook it until all the egg has hardened and no liquid or watery bits can be seen.  It took mine about an hour.

- Allow to cool for 15 - 20 minutes then enjoy.



in honor of fall i made the last peach pie of the summer.


Oct 24, 2014


peach pornbow chicka wow wow.





After dashing all of Russ's hopes about getting a cat, making it very clear that we WERE NOT GETTING ONE, I snuck to the Humane Society today and surprised him by bringing home the  newest member of our family... Birdie.  Heeheeheehee.

Some of you will notice that yes, she looks just like my old cat Chai.  She is also a Russian Blue, which I am partial to because they are so loving and gorgeous.  I saw her on the website and impulsively adopted her, knowing that the chances of finding one of this breed for this cheap (free) AND saving her from shelter hell were very low.  Even the nicest shelters are not happy homes for animals.  If you decide to surprise your significant other with a pet I urge you to rescue one!

Oct 23, 2014



feather getter space

Thanks for the curtain rods dad!  They are the coolest.


i missed a huge adventure today due to a stupid leg infection.  zephyr and i had to make our own fun instead. 

p.s. use antibacterial soap and never don't wash a cut.

Oct 20, 2014


yoga room progress 2

So I know this isn't the prettiest of photos but this evolution has to be documented.  I give you the sunroom - aka my new yoga room!  

This is actually a mid-range progress photo - so much work has been done already.  This room was one of the areas of the house that needed massive amounts of fixing up.  Apparently the former tenants had kenneled their dogs in there and hadn't bothered to clean at all before we moved in.  So first there was vacuuming, carpet cleaning, removal of furniture and finally trashing of soiled items.  Then we realized the carpet was completely saturated in dog pee so we trashed that as well.  Underneath was concrete, very old, very uneven concrete.  

This photo represents lots and lots of work on Russ's part to try and level the base in preparation for wood flooring.  I can picture how it's going to look and I'm so excited!

Oct 15, 2014


it's weird to have my belongings back.  after four years vagabonding i can't figure out why i kept some of this crap.  but the obvious things; the journals, photos, artwork from friends, it's nice to see again.  i feel a subtle difference though - the me with the storage unit and the me with the house full of stuff.  my past has reattached in a way.  i was lighter without it.  

when you have no tangible proof of who you've been and what you've done you can make up who you are each day as you go.  there's something to be said for that.

Oct 13, 2014


near the nevada/utah border i took this little, teeny, middle-of-nowhere road that i haven't traveled in years and i saw actual, real deal, wild horses!  i didn't think there were any left in this area.  one little one was struggling, i thought stuck in fencing, and i pulled over to see if she needed to be set free.  she was wiry, pure muscle and bones and her sand colored coat was covered in black scars and lacerations.  i got really close before she noticed me, started and trotted away.  wasn't stuck after all, but definitely dazed and probably dehydrated.  it took her a moment to register that she was being approached.  she looked up at me as i came toward her and it was like looking into the eyes of a unicorn.  

more photos after the jump.... 


sunrise at sand mountain

 ...and i'm back!  i find that every year around this time i need to unplug a bit.  over the past month i quit my farm job (due to injury) picked up more yoga classes, started my 500 hour yoga training (!!!), got a cat, and had some seriously challenging family situations.  luckily everyone is fine, and now it's fall and i'm returning to this space, patching together some photos from the last month and a half and re-connecting to the present.  

of course i still have lots of desert pictures from my stuff mission that i must share.  truly the four corners area is one of the most beautiful, unique places on earth and i just love all the time i get to spend driving around by myself in the desolation of the desert..... more photos after the jump.