Dec 18, 2014



colorado native 

i took this photo to commemorate the fact that i'm wearing a tshirt in the snow.  i'm back to my badass-not-phased-by-snow colorado roots.  


i've fixed up the guest room.  anyone can come any time now.


winter has come


ubhaya padangusthasana

my audition went awesomely!  this month i'll be subbing regularly at soul tree studio in addition to my classes at peak yoga.  progress. slowly but surely.



it's been 0 degrees and below 0 degrees for days.  i finally left the house today.





final harvest 2014

the first real storm came today.  i spent all morning harvesting everything left in the garden, washing it and putting it away then clearing the garden space and shutting up the garden shed.  literally the minute i was done the snow started.



Dec 8, 2014


I haven't been posting the yoga content as I was about a year ago.  It's not for lack of yoga that's for sure.  I would actually say that my practice now is stronger than ever.  I'm teaching 4 scheduled classes a week at a Boulder studio, which was a big goal of mine, and I have an audition later this month at a studio near my home in Lafayette.  I'm enrolled in a 500 hour ytt program and I've been loving it.  It's sort of the opposite of my 200 hour training in Costa Rica.  Rather than an intensive it's spread out over the span of the year.  We meet twice a month and then supplement required hours with electives of our choice.  We have a lot of homework, alot of reading and projects that keep me pretty busy.  With that on top of my personal practice, class creation, and teaching it's pretty much all yoga all the time around here.  

I have a feeling that soon my blog may better reflect that.  But for now I'm still loving hiking and being outside in Colorado during the best season.

p.s. yes this is the exact location of zephyr's portrait from a few days ago.  i went back with the idea for this photo but of course the light was all different.  oh well.



zephyr hates having his photo taken so it's sort of hard to capture his handsomeness.  luckily he gets easily distracted and forgets i'm around sometimes.  this was one of them.

Nov 4, 2014


ok guys.


shoulder season



just to give you some perspective - this little apple tree has produced almost 4 bushels of apples this year!  we harvested the last round today.  they were without a doubt the very best apples i've ever had.

Nov 3, 2014