Jan 30, 2013


no one is safe from spontaneous yoga outbursts. 




of course my mascot is here.



some people can't see the beauty in beasts..... but not you.




uh oh!  i'm starting to lose count! 
i'm living at la diosa while i go to yoga school.  it's literally right on the beach.

Jan 18, 2013


i love this gypsy life of mine but god damn do i get sick of packing.


"...it's always a funny thing, being on the precipice.  things have already changed - you just don't feel it yet.  you're going over the edge of the thing.  it's certain.   you just can't see what's rushing up to meet you.  so for this brief moment you're balanced between old and new and neither really applies.
   for just this instant that you're on the edge of both, neither past nor present exist.  it's just you about to change your life again and nothing you're used to and nothing you're imagining is of any real help.  there are no handholds, no oh shit handles and no safety nets on the edge of the next unknown adventure.  you just have to throw yourself off and remember that you can fly...."


".... one other thing is for sure - as we were descending through the pink clouds to san jose i thought, 'i can't wait to be home.'
so i guess somewhere along the way and without really registering it, costa rica became my home..."

Jan 17, 2013


this was hands down the best first date of my life.


this morning before dawn we climbed the tallest temple in the ancient mayan city of tikal.  we sat on the steps in silence and watched the sun rise.  the jungle shrieked and rumbled with monkeys and parrots and tucans and frogs as the mist cleared around the temples below us.  i sat and thought about how this scene has been playing out every morning for 3,000 years. 

and that friends is one way to gain some perspective.


the city of flores is on an island in a lake surrounded by the jungled ruins of the mayans. if that's not epic i'm not sure what is.




 "... guatemala is amazing.  it's vibrant and gorgeous in a way so different from costa rica.  we're staying in this little courtyard hotel in the center of antigua right across from a beautiful old church where women in colorful textiles sit with children in the morning sun.  some of them are selling bracelets but many are just standing on the sunny cobblestones.  the faces here are darker, flatter, more indian than in costa rica; the bodies stouter, rounder.  these are mountain people wearing cowboy hats and woven skirts and more clothing all around - it's much cooler, a nice relief from the steady heat of the last month...."

Jan 16, 2013


my life is blowing my mind right nowspent the day taking photos of the new class orientation at the costa rica school of massage therapy.  if you really want to change your life and have a mega adventure you should maybe think about going here.  i know i'd like to.  



"....so... pavones.  i love it.  absolutely fell in love.  i saw scarlett mccaws, parrots, tucans, a million hummingbirds, hawks, kites, pelicans, egrets, blue herons, poison dart frogs, other frogs, jesus christ lizards, other lizards, geckos, white face capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, blue morph butterflies, other butterflies, and more plants and flowers than can be named.  i got pretty badass with my quad skills and managed to machete open some coconuts - though not as good as javier.   i learned to surf!  which is now my new favorite thing.  i began the steps to take my yoga to another level.  i wrote off the ones that needed to be written off and i made some much better friends.  through javier and john and subtitles i learned alot more spanish and on top of all that i can now officially think of cuervito as home.  i am so pleased with that turn of events.  
for now that chapter is done.  and now what?  what will happen?  i hope this all goes well, the way it should, the best possible way...." 

(written at the san jose airport around noon after 8.5 hours of traveling)


adios pavones!this is pinky.... he's my sweet, crazy guard dog.



just remember that you are more, much more than this set of circumstances you find yourself in, more than your family, your work, your past, your looks, your likes, your interests, your home, your friends, your clothes, your ideas, your fears, your dreams.  you are more than all this, and so is everyone else.

so is everyone else.


squirrel! (monkey)i knew if i just stood in the jungle long enough i'd capture a jumping monkey.


"surrender is the voluntary letting go of limited, personal desires for the sake of a greater and more fulfilling experience." - reverend jaganath carrera

Jan 3, 2013


                                          sutra day

obviously i don't have reliable internet here,  i don't know when i'll be able to update again, hopefully sooner than i think.  until then don't worry about me, i'll just be riding a quad around the jungle, or hiking to waterfalls then jumping in, or surfing, or doing yoga with the sunrise, or exploring mayan ruins, or trying to speak spanish, or eating fresh fruit off the trees and fish from the sea, or drinking imperial on the beach, or counting fireflies, or getting covered in salt and sand. wish you were here.   
i love you.


hello 2013!i don't know about you guys but i kind of want this to be the best, most fun, most crazy, most epic adventure year ever.


                                           goodbye 2012!

yep.  the most epic so far.



these giant, perfectly round spheres are found all over costa rica.  they are pre-columbian and man made but other than that they are a mystery.  what were they for?  how were they created? how were they moved?

magic. obviously.




                                         mi tico favorito

this is javier..... he's my favorite tico by far.
in the mornings javier comes to visit me.  i offer him juice or coffee and we try to communicate.  his english doesn't really exist and my spanish is incredibly fragmented at the very best but i am an eager student and the desire to communicate on both our parts breaks through the barrier thrown up by the lack of a common tongue. these conversations have taught me a lot.  i can tell because we've started talking more about ideas or the way of things and though my vocabulary is limited i can understand much more of what he says.  one of the things our morning talks have taught me is what a kind and gentle man javier is.  is is small, like most ticos, shorter than me and slight of builld.  he is soft spoken with an almost imperceptible lisp and a shy smile.  he ducks his head when he smiles and his amber eyes grow slightly timid, slightly apologetc, and crinkle with kindness.
he has three children whom he cares for alone, his wife having left them all and gone to san jose.  i ask javier if he will go to san jose.  "ah, mi? no," he says quietly ducking his head slightly.  i want to tell him that i understand.  that i can't imagine him in a city or anywhere but these jungled hills, quietly taking care of plants and chilredn and being good to his neighbors.  but that's beyond my skill set so i just say, "comprendo, lo siento."  because i'm sorry his wife left him, that anyone could leave someone so kind.
his father, who is 95 years old, once owned all the property around us, over 160 acres of the hills of cuervito.  he has 22 brothers and sisters.  if anyone is of a place he is of here.  and through these conversations.... i understand pura vida in a  totally different way.


feliz navidad ninos!well would you look at that i got everything i wanted for christmas!  i may never spend this holiday in the states again. it's much more chill on foreign soil.




                                         quad wreck day


                                         totally epic apocalypse day




the most hungover travel day on earthnothing like a central american road trip to really accentuate your hangover.  at least i wasn't flying to america...... ahem.






meteor shower daythis is nikki...... we are friends for life now. it's a thing.



linda vistawe were checking our email.


new home number 26"...i wake up in paradise, throw open my door to the bird cries of morning and the purple flowers on my stoop.  a ceiling fan overhead blows the heavy air down on me.  this tropical air always feels to me like a kiss.   i'm in pavones costa rica and it is a spectacular spot.  the house is thick walled, yellow adobe with deep red spanish tiled floors, it's shaded and cool in the day and all the doors and windows are thrown open to let the sultry outside in.  the perfectly manicured yard is dotted with papaya, orange, lime, mango, avocado, coconut, and cashew trees.  chickens lay fresh eggs in their pen and heady smelling flowers bloom on the ylang ylang tree and the white ginger.
during the day the yard is crowded with a multitude of colorful and cheerful birds and at night it sparkles with fireflies.  the back patio offers a perfect views of the curving gulf, gulfo duce, point rincon below and the sunset every night around six. we are so close to the equator here that there are always 12 hours of light and the sun is up promptly a bit before six.  slowly i'm starting to switch my waking schedule and i've begun to rise earlier again, shaking off the dark of fall easily and eagerly.


                                          roberto's waterfall