May 29, 2013


so many animals, so many plants, so much heat, so much sand, so much rain, so many spiders, so much thunder, so much sweat, so much water, so much ocean, so many blisters, so much bug spray, so much sunscreen, so much mud, so much jungle.

for an almost complete list of animals spotted:




off i go on another adventure.  no motorcycles or yoga mats necessary this time.  just lots of bugspray and some river crossing shoes.  dad and john and brian and i are going to hike corcovado national park.  to get there i took a 3 hour bus ride then met them for a flight in the smallest plane i've ever been in, to a boat which eventually deposited us at puerto jimenez, the jumping off point for the wildest jungle in costa and most of the world.

May 28, 2013


this place is... wow.



over the course of the last three years people have stopped greeting me with, "how are you?" and started greeting me with, "where are you?"  you, like many others, may be wondering where i am.  perhaps you are using this blog to try to figure that out.  first of all sorry i've become such a dismal failure at phoning.... and emailing;  second of all i'll try to be slightly less vague in this forum also.  
once again i am in costa rica.  i never expected life to take the turn that it has taken over the past year.  i never expected to become a most of the time resident of costa rica.  but i suppose the beauty of no hard plans is that without them a vacation can turn into a journey can turn into a quest can turn into an epic can turn into a love story can turn into a fairytale can turn into swiss family robinson.  or whatever.  
so, back in costa rica and that's why i haven't returned your calls.  it's starting to rain here in the afternoons now and the weather is cooler because of it.  the hills are greener, the tourists are scarcer, the imperial tastes sweeter.  consider this a postcard.  wish you were here. xx


you know you're a gypsy when you feel most at home at the airport.



May 6, 2013




back on the front range of the rockies where the world to the west rises in dramatic and jagged, snow-covered, rock faces and the world to the east flattens for as far as eye can see into a endless horizon line.  it's chilly and snow lingers in shady places, but every plant has a bud and the green grass begins to peak through the brown. 

May 1, 2013


 " important part of my packing includes leaving out.  in an effort to maintain the lightness of gypsy life i leave things everywhere i go; sweaters in hotel drawers, eyeshadows in gas station bathrooms, paper cranes in taxi's.
   now i am leaving an entire summer wardrobe as i prepare to exchange, momentarily, my home in the heat for the may snow of the rockies.  i'm returning to colorado with impressions of this brief beach adventure imprinted on the backs of my eyelids.  when i close my eyes i see cliffs of plumeria trees; blossoms blowing in the setting sun, howler monkeys above me, agates in the surf, my pink toenails peaking out through sandy feet, mangoes smashed all over the dry earth, the slick stillness in the shady end of the pool, the quiet triumph in a well made meal, the glow of campfires and setting suns and full moons.

   and i carry something with me that i never want to leave behind.  inspiration.  i found it here again somehow, washed up on the shore...."



some people would rather live in the suburbs than live in the jungle.... but not you.