Aug 27, 2011


this is the new puppy.... i think we're sticking with penny. 



this is nelly..... she's the sweetest thing.


so hitch didn't make it.  not to worry though, shannon already brought home a new puppy to fill the old puppy void.

"'s before dawn and devin and are are sitting on the couch with the new puppy; drinking coffee and testing out names.
"moneypenny."  says devin with a 007 accent.
"not dusty?"
"dusty sounds like every typical farmdog name.  there are too many dusty's."
"carmen," i suggest.
"where. in. the world is. carmen san diego." devin sings.
"we could just name her carmen san diego."

we decide that cody is a good name, although moneypenny we like too because it gives you an excuse to talk like sean connery.
no decisions are finalized and devin hands me the puppy, gets up and goes out to start work.  the puppy stays asleep in my lap and i whisper names to her  as the sky in the east grows into a light blue..."

Aug 20, 2011


i'm not sure if you're familiar with the international gate law but it is thus:

-leave a gate as you find it. 
-shotgun always gets the gate.
-if more than one car goes through it is courteous to wait until the last vehicle before closing it.
-if you know someone is coming right behind you the polite thing to do is to the leave the gate open for them.
-observe the signage.  especially in humboldt county.

those are the rules. 


this is kaya..... she's a kangaroo.

Aug 18, 2011


                                          on the way to work

i live a life behind lots and lots of gates....amid great beauty.

and covered in dust.


you can't win 'em all.



we pirated out our vehicles today.  no more pretending for us.


                                         my favorites

except for you.

Aug 11, 2011


today there were gunshots coming from the field near where i was working.  
"what are they shooting?"  asked hanna, the girl next to me.  "are they killing cows?"
"no," i said, "they wouldn't be shooting the cattle.
"they're probably just target practicing, " chimed in andrea, "just for fun."
"shooting for fun?" hanna asked incredulously.
andrea and i both nodded. 
"yeah. just shootin."
"that is so stupid!  that is so fucking stupid.  shooting for fun.  fuck." burst out hanna before her sentence descended into angry muttering.

i was surprised by that reaction.  especially here, in the hills, in the sticks, in rural america.  this is where shooting guns is fun.  where the sound of gunshots doesn't mean violence is being committed against another human being. 

i didn't respond to her statement, didn't ask her if she'd ever even seen or shot a gun herself.  i didn't want to go up against the anger in her voice.  

can we all please make an effort to try not to hate things we know nothing about, haven't experienced or to dislike people we've never even met?  please?  can we collectively try to do that? 

p.s. for the record i think everyone should learn as much as they can in this life, including how to shoot a gun and about basic gun safety.  god bless america.

Aug 9, 2011



the boys opened for starfucker at the mattole community center!  so many things about that sentence are awesome.

Aug 4, 2011


emma pearl and i were just now sitting here looking at photos and her tooth fell out!  yay!


Aug 2, 2011


each day of our lives here in the hills are lived with animals; wild animals slinking, creeping, roaming and flying through the woods around us; farm animals mingling, playing and protecting us.  always a puppy underfoot.  kittens climbing the tent as i try to sleep.  nelly the newfoundland bounding around and barking at the people and animals that come to visit us.  snakes lay in my path when i walk to the phone spot.  lizards hide in the outhouse.  woodpeckers headbang trees by the clothesline.  a million bugs infiltrate every space.  coyotes howl in the woods so close to where i sleep.  we wait for skunks to cross the road on the drive home.  deer jump and prance across the lawn.  chickens roam freely, clucking and cawing.  vultures and hawks soar above the morning fog.  baby frogs spring from the tarps in the light of my headlamp. 

and in the dark of night a hundred rustlings and grunts just outside the thin tent walls signal the progress of much bigger animals.  more than once i've grabbed the gun and run from the sound to the cabin in the dark, surrendering to the fear of the unknown creature.  

they march through my dreams; ambling bears, wild wolves, giant felines stalking in the trees.  i wake either to howls in the dark with my heart beating like a frightened rabbit, or to chirps and warbles in the morning light, stretching catlike and happy in the knowledge that i'm an animal too.


one year ago today i took off on this gypsy road and i've been traveling it since.  i've been traveling for exactly one year.  things have happened that i could never ever have imagined or planned.  i've learned more than i ever thought possible.  i've met a whole host of new family, people that will be in my life and my heart forever.
 i've loved the whole epic thing and not a day goes by that i don't marvel at my good life and my good fortune.  this is my one year anniversary of truly living as i am meant to.

Aug 1, 2011


i've been meaning to make this official for a little bit now and keep forgetting.  well here it is, for those who care:

if we were seagoing vessels; the official list.

ben is a leaky lifeboat lost at sea.  the holes are patched with odds and ends, he's growing a massive beard, his clothes are in tatters and he's drinking moonshine out of a jug, but he's perfectly happy floating along.
devin is a submarine.  he navigates using sonar, observes (read: spies on others) with a para-scope and when shit gets intense he submerges.
ryan is a gondola, sleekly wooing young beauties in the echoing canals of some utterly, absurdly, achingly romantic city.  
shannon is a british man o' war.  she's tall and lovely in form and function, a gorgeous, unparalleled vessel that will suddenly throw out 40 cannons and blow you out of the water.
jessi is a viking ship on an epic quest through uncharted waters.
galvin is a top shelf booze cruise like the kind where everyone is in fancy dresses but they still pour patron down your throat and shake your head around.
terra joy is a sailboat zipping around this way and that, riding sideways in the wind.
eli is a battleship.  a very clean, orderly, ship shape battleship.
terra rose is an indian canoe, stealthily and silently paddling through the wild.
emma pearl is a lily pad.
i am a pirate ship. always hunting for treasure; taking this and that here and there, and dropping anchor in whatever harbor i can until it's time to move on again.



this is hitchcock...... we're calling him hitch.