Apr 28, 2015


i feel like i need something really dense or non-fictional to scrub my brain out now.

Apr 23, 2015


john arrived today and we celebrated earth day by planting new native plants in the garden, watering our emerging lawn, making mojitos with mint from the front beds, and opening up one of the compost tubs to harvest some dirt.  

thank you mother earth, for water, for air, for plants, for pollinators, for supporting us all and for taking all the waste and turning it into soil.  xx


another super fast read: disturbing, compelling, unsettling.


Apr 20, 2015


i finished this book in only three days, something i haven't done for a long time;  it's a fast read and i literally couldn't put it down.  it has alot of elements i enjoy; poetic language, an epic story, fantastic setting, tension and suspense, a dog, and hope. 

i had no idea when i picked it up and began reading where exactly it was set but i was imagining the erie airport.  turns out i was right! post-apocalyptic erie, colorado.  so it was an especially fun read since i could picture everything exactly.  plus i find well written post apocalyptic tales particularly  gut-wrenching. here's a bit i like...

"and for a time while flying, seeing all this as a hawk would see it, i am myself somehow freed from the sticky details: i am not grief sick nor stiffer in the joints nor ever lonely, nor someone who lives with the nausea of having killed and seems destined to kill again.  i am the one who is flying over all of it looking down.  nothing can touch me.
there is no one to tell this to and yet it seems very important to get this right.  the reality and what it is like to escape it.  that even now it is sometimes too beautiful to bear."


blooming bush


back home with this little doodad.

Apr 16, 2015


we'll see how this turns out.


i wish i could also post the CRACK of these two butting heads. 


this is where i'm from.



this is the house my dad built.  for years we lived on the property in a trailer while it went up bit by bit.  it's the perfect ranch house; wood floors, beautiful kitchen, wrap around porch, spectacular views in every direction.  i would wake up to sunlight streaming into my room, hearing the sounds of birds and the click of sprinklers on our fields.  even though it was isolated i loved growing up here.  we didn't have a tv so john and i read and played outside alot.  i will never forget the smell of the fields, the sunset over the la sals, hunting for butterflies in the sage and grass, riding our horses bareback through the alfalfa.
even though we haven't lived there in years and years i always partially hoped to live there again one day.  so it was pretty bittersweet today, taking the last of our things out of the crawl space to make way for the new owners.  a chapter of my life has officially closed.  goodbye ranch house!



i got an interesting delivery today.


i decided to give tropper another chance.... and this book affirmed it - i'm not a fan.  never again.




back patio progress photo 2


Apr 14, 2015


look at the beautiful color of this butterfly!


my pea sprouts are way tougher than i gave them credit for.  they survived the snow no problem.



portrait of birdie 1,538,099

Apr 10, 2015


i can't really tell if i liked this book or not.  i'd already seen the movie and that kind of fucked it up for me.  it's really annoying when you can't read the book without picturing the actors cast in the film about the book.  especially when the actors look nothing like the characters being described.  i tried to get into it, but i just kept picturing a more pervy jason bateman and it continually pissed me off. at least it was a quick read.  and  i did like this one line.

"His cologne fills the room like bad news."

i live with teenage boys.  this is an accurate description.


Apr 9, 2015


we worked our asses off today tilling and raking stones out of soil.  my arms are aching.  hopefully our hard work will pay off and we will have a beautiful lawn this summer.


Having lived life without a real winter for so long i have also missed the amazing joy that spring can inspire.  Seeing the buds come back to the branches and the slightest hint of green feathering all the hills and fields is making me happier than any spring has ever made me.