Jan 17, 2019


"My favorite moment of the past year was... holding Russ's hand under the total eclipse of the sun.  Experiencing that powerful magic.

My proudest accomplishment was... pulling off a successful Nurture & Nourish Retreat.

I was most callenged by... my own negative thought cycles.  The conversation with Julie.

My biggest sadness was... losing Zephyr dog.

My favorite adventure was... going to Havasupai for my birthday.  

My shadow was... laziness, self-doubt,  and fear.

My strength was.... commitment, dedication and fath.

I look forard to all the magic and mystery of the next cycle.  Bring on the coming of the light!"

Jan 16, 2019


This is our world.
It is cold, unforgiving, driving snow like sand into your eyes.
It is howling, battering, ripping at your clothes.
It is shrieking and cracking and moaning and whispering and silent.  It is otherworldly.
Our world!
It is golden, sparkling, leaving you breathless.
Carrying your laughter, prayers, shouts and songs away in a reckless wind.
It is stars frozen in water, it is sunlight blown off mountains.
This is our world!
Terrible and wonderful and magical all at once.
Don't hide, don't look away.
Don't leave here without at least once, feeling your insignificance,
as you walk straight into it's beating heart.





I knew the ice was too thick to break, but I admit, I was still nervous. 



5 years ago I drove from one part of Costa Rica to another and my whole life changed because of it.  Now I'm back in Colorado with my brother, my dog, my fiance.  I always like looking back and reminding myself that I could never have imagined this moment, then. 



8 years

still here. still taking photos in cars.