Oct 30, 2009


surplus sids

my new favorite store in the world.
the world.

Oct 26, 2009


where are the wild things?

if you were my child i would make you a special costume, whatever you wanted. it would have magical powers and i would let you wear it anywhere, until it no longer fit. we would always have snowball fights and after i would put whipped cream and marshmellows on your hot chocolate. you would know what ferns smelled like and how to make head dresses from them. i would make your favorite pie on your birthday and tell you stories every night. every morning i would ask you what you dreamed about because i would need to know. we would howl when we stood at the edges of cliffs or tall buildings and grunt when we were cuddling. i would learn the names of every star.
just so i could tell you

where you came from.


leaf season

this is devin. he's my second favorite person in the world...


bulls eye


the galley

finally here now in north carolina lying on the clean sheets listening to ben's voice and devin's guitar and behind that the gentle gallop of the ceiling fan. it stirs the night air; cool, muggy, perfect. the house feels like an attic, all paneled in wood with sloping ceilings. i smell mildew, rosewater, cigarettes and clean sheets. i'm so tired. i'm so happy to be here.


by frankie ray

Oct 16, 2009


"the acute, stannic sunlight of an autumn morning"


endlessly lovely and amazing

i'm so far away from the mountains i grew up in. i miss the aspen stands and the dry, red deserts; the smell of sagebrush before a storm, and long stretches of highway that see more coyotes than cars. i miss the wild flowers that grow above timberline in august. i miss avalanches in the winter. i miss the skies full of clouds.

i never thought i'd be here this long.

but it's just so fucking spell-binding i find it harder and harder to leave. everyday is a different light, each more lovely than the last. and every time i think i've seen her in every mood and fit of weather san francisco becomes breathtaking in a completely new way.

Oct 15, 2009


leaves do fall

in the spring i swore i loved spring the best, then after a few months recalled that it was summer - my favorite. now it's fall and again i remember that i forgot my infatuation with this time of year.
it's wet and cold and getting darker and we all walk around in disguise, stepping on the skeletons of former seasons.

...and i love it.

Oct 14, 2009

Oct 13, 2009



this is ariel....


please please please if you love me go to this site and vote for her! ariel is a fantastic model, and a beautiful, intelligent woman. she's forwarded me some info but pretty much it's all there if you just go to this link, find ariel's picture, (pretty sure it's on page 2) click on it and give her 5 stars.

trust me she is a 5 star person!!! it will only take a few seconds and i really want her to win because i think she deserves it. and it won't let me vote anymore : ) do it now! voting ends on the 15th.

(obviously i didn't take this picture today but i did take it so i feel i can post it for my once daily. this was a really awesome and beautiful shoot and she was such a trooper; it was soooo cold and she didn't complain once.)


storm coming

.... and furthermore; if you don't make friends with your seat-mate, who will hold your hand when the plane goes down?



Oct 9, 2009



if you retreat into your ipod earbuds once seated on your flight, or if you take one look at your seat-mates long pink beard and construct a barrier using JD Salinger and polite silence, then you will never learn about the rise of pork production in china, or the 462 variables in the number models used to predict carbon mass in biological structures of various eco-systems. you will never hear about how a mini-ice age was caused by 30 spaniards walking from a shipwreck in florida all the way to mexico city, spreading waves of disease that rolled over the country and dropped the population from 90 million to less than 5. you'll never know how mid-evil warming, caused by the burning of 60% of europes forests by the romans (to banish the native gods that lived in the trees) caused a draught in the american southwest which put an end to the anasazi civilization. granted, it may be difficult to get past the pink facial hair, the questionable breath and the initially terrifying and uncomfortable talk about breast cancer, but if you can you won't be sorry as you will find that you are sitting next to a precious treasure.

and if you can't well.... that's a little bit sad.

Oct 8, 2009


bean there done that!

anyone who knows me well enough knows that my car is invariably messy. to give you an idea of what i mean here is a brief and incomplete inventory of what is currently riding around with me in my honda civic hatchback:
- one sweatshirt, gray
- one jacket, green corduroy
- various articles of clothing including swimsuit bottoms
- various pairs of shoes including uggs
- a curtain rod
- an army helmut
- various receipts for good and services
- two used ink cartridges for an hp laserjet 4840; one black, one magenta
- one roll of bubble wrap
- sunscreen
- one box of children's books
- the bhagavad gita
- car stuff (cables, flashlights, maps, etc.)
- lucky rocks
- one bean plant

the bean plant, which is really a bean sprout at this point, is my most recent addition. i planted it in a coconut husk at the body and soul festival in fairfax and it has been in my cup holder until now. i forget it's there most of the time but when i do take notice i don't move it, i water it. when people in my passenger seat try to use my cup-holder i always remind them, "watch out for my bean!" i don't care if they find this weird - i like this experiment; creating an eco-system in my car.

always on the go, my bean will not be rooted and sedentary like other beans...normal beans. my bean will be extraordinary. my bean will see the world.




heart attack

Oct 5, 2009

Oct 2, 2009


luck be a lady. bug.

on our long and difficult hike today my brother and i passed a blind man... hiking. he had a stick and a woman guiding him over the roots and boulders in the path. and presumably letting him know about the sheer 200 foot drop to his right.
i had two immediate thoughts:
1. "i am very impressed with that blind man."
2. "i wonder how one gets the awesome job of leading blind people on long and difficult hikes."
thought number two was immediately revised.
3. "actually that hike would probably take all day and be super annoying for the guide. also imagine the consequences from even a momentary lapse in concentration."
my brother must have been impacted with different thoughts because after walking in silence for a while he asked me,
"would you rather be blind, or deaf?"
i chose deaf immediately because i cannot imagine my life without photography, especially coupled with the cruel sting that each month's student loan payments would carry.
john chose deaf too, because he'd always wanted to learn sign language and were he deaf, well he would have to.

i would like to take a moment here to quit worrying about all those good problems i have and thank my lucky stars that i am neither blind nor deaf.

thanks. so much.



i have been on the hunt for a good replacement "cocktail". so far this one is the winner:


my twin

if you get bored give yourself only the following remedial options:
a. do something new that you've never done before but have always been curious about.
b. do something that you've been putting off but really need to get done.

c. reality tv

it just makes you more bored in the long run. trust me. i've done so much research.

Oct 1, 2009


when life gives you schitt.... plumb?

this is jen...