Feb 19, 2015


power saladthrow together some purple cabbage, lettuce, arugula, grated carrots and beets, a couple tomatoes, a can of chickpeas, some boiled eggs, and pumpkin seeds and go to town. 



i have flirted with this pose for so long... mostly from across the room because every time i tried to get into it i was immediately rejected.  it is so hard.  looking at it you would expect that if one had the knee and quad flexibility one could basically lever their torso up by pressing on their feet.

this is incorrect.

it is a million times harder than that.  although you do need some serious openness on the front of your legs you also have to spend a considerable amount of time opening your shoulders in order to get your hands wrapped around the front of your feet.  of course it's a backbend so i spent a lot of time opening my back.  the thing i completely underestimated in all my previous attempts was the amount of back strength it takes to lift the chest high enough to even be able to use the feet as levers.  but at last - frog pose is mine! xx


lately i was re-inspired to manifest and photograph some of the mudras.  since recently learning about the goddess buvaneshwari in my training i have fallen in love with abhaya mudra, or fearlessness gesture. this ancient mudra represents fearlessness, protection, friendship, peace and dispelling fear.  the bent right arm with an open palm held at shoulder height displays an absence of weapons and aggression.  this gesture is the spontaneous expression that manifests with enlightenment and it holds space for creativity.  give it a try! namaste bitches, xx.

Feb 3, 2015


it's 70 degrees here.  in colorado.  in january.  i'm going hiking.