Feb 26, 2014


it may not look like much in the photo (no food stylist, don't care) but this is one of my very favorite smoothies.  i make it all the time.

- one banana
- one apple - in slices
- one big scoop (about 1/2 a cup at least) of *full fat greek yogurt
- 1/2 cup almond milk
- spoonful of agave 
- healthy helping of cinnamon 
- as much coconut water as you desire

~ optional - a handful of almonds

blend well and enjoy!

if you want to make a vegan, or non-dairy version just sub the yogurt for a scoop of vanilla vegan protein. we use vega sport performance in our house.  remove the agave because these powders are usually sweet enough.

*side note: dairy products that say *low fat or *non-fat are full of sugar.  sorry but it's true.  they remove the delicious fat and trick your taste buds into thinking it's still delicious by pumping up the sugar.  stick to full-fat, it is better than sky-high sugar carbs.  namaste bitches, xx.

Feb 19, 2014


sorry not sorry if i post alot of pictures of zephyr for a while.  i'm just so happy to have him with us all the time. at least he is the handsomest!

Feb 18, 2014


                                                                                   happy birthday russ!

we've brought zephyr back to the united states with us!  best. valentine. ever.


Feb 16, 2014


if i was a superhero one of my powers would definitely be; getting shit done.  oh wait. i am.  and it is.

Feb 10, 2014



"anything can happen, child.  anything can be."
~mr. silverstein

i needed this reminder today; that i can manifest amazing things and routinely do. 



                                                                                                   blue jean fallen angel

Feb 7, 2014


"practice and all is coming."
~pattabhi jois

throwing it back to one year ago (almost) today when i took a photo of this pose, kapotasana.  click below to check the progress.  practice, practice, practice; change will follow.  namaste bitches, xx.


we are heading back to the states very soon.  i'm going to miss alot of things about costa rica, samara, and the massage school.  one of the big joys of my life here is my yoga room.  it was the first room i stayed in when i came to crsmt as a guest.  now it's the room i practice in everyday.  i love looking out the windows and seeing iguanas and squirrels climbing around on the trees, love hearing the jungle birds singing all around me.  i love the light and the many moods of the day.  
it is not however, an overly photogenic room.  for some reason it's beauty doesn't translate to film.  so even though it's where i do most of my yoga, it's never really where i take photos.  today i was determined to document it in all it's glory, at least once before leaving.  finally i feel i captured some of it's qualities; serene, warm, clean and beautiful.

Feb 6, 2014


i've gotten to the point in my practice where it's automatic.  i don't even think about fitting it in to my day.  i just do it.  so this morning i found myself unrolling my mat even as my mind was a million miles away.  i looked down at it, and realized with dismay that my inner turmoil was going to make this a very difficult practice.  i sat down anyway.  i started breathing.  i felt like crying.  i just kept breathing.

i warmed up, still battling troubling thoughts, going through the motions. then i went into my first down dog and felt it.  release.  it was like a giant swoosh moving through my whole body.  a giant swoosh of peace.  it felt like physically remembering every time i've ever held this pose; so many moments all over the world and through time.  and in that moment i glimpsed another facet of my practice and another reason i do yoga.  no matter what is going on in my mind and my life, when i get on my mat, when i start breathing and focusing and stretching, i achieve timelessness.  my body changes, my experience of each pose changes, but there is something consistent in the practice and this removes it from 'today' and elevates it into now and also always.... it's momentary, but infinite.

this is comforting, and amazing.... and also true.

Feb 5, 2014


this is just a reminder:
it's hard to be truly appreciative of what you have until it's taken away.  try though. try to appreciate it.  be grateful for what you have; not superficially grateful, but grateful as if in the very next moment you will lose it all.

Feb 2, 2014


"embrace the current season of your life."
- gabrielle muir

the current season of my life is filled with stress, yoga, learning, trying to meditate.  it's absent of meat. filled with a revolving cast of houseguests.  i feel loved but filled with worry for my beloved.  i have hope.  i have anxiety.
it is a hot season, one with the perpetual feeling of being on the brink of something.  it carries the sense of walking the edge of a knife; one side ruin, one side radiance - yet at the same time exists the deep underlying knowledge that everything matters very little.
it is a season of lessons.  of choosing what is important.  of loving. of reading. the beginning of mangoes.
it is a season that has not started well but moves towards wellness.


                                                little buddy

Feb 1, 2014


i realize it's probably too cold in most places to enjoy this delicious, icy, refreshing beverage.  but if you're somewhere hot, like costa rica, or maybe australia, you may need some cold, refreshing juice.  this one will cool you right down.

- one cup of ice
- one thick round of watermelon
- three sprigs of mint (de-stemmed)
- juice of one cucumber

blend thoroughly and chill the fuck out.  namaste bitches, xx.