Jul 13, 2016



we are having a great time hiking lately.





"it's really really good vibes at the new place.  it's been an intense few weeks though: clark & sherri visiting, amadeus graduating, bolder boulder, zan's birthday, packing, painting, moving, packing, cleaning, unpacking, roofers & handyman working on the house, planting and transplanting, and capped off by two days of ytt.  whew.  there's still alot of unpacking to do but we are in, flowers are growing, no more ytt prep for now, no visitors.  life can settle into it's new normal at new home number 31.  

the lovenest."



this was the last time in my garden.  i dug up the roses and took them with me.

Jun 15, 2016


warning: garden pics to follow.  i'm saying good by to the beautiful gardens at new home number 30. 

Jun 13, 2016


bolder boulder
perhaps like me you've never particularly cared about memorial day as a holiday before.  next year you should definitely attend the bolder boulder.  it takes it to a whole new level.

Jun 3, 2016


bennett boys

the youngest bennett boy has graduated!  it's exciting times around here.  congratulation de!

Jun 2, 2016



we are moving in less than a month now.  it's very bittersweet to see all the flowers coming back and the garden thriving.  i'm happy all our hard work has yielded so much beauty, but it sucks to move before enjoying what appears to be the best gardening year yet.  oh well i guess, just another garden i'm leaving behind.

Jun 1, 2016


aspen bed progress

look how good it's getting john!

May 30, 2016


i've realized that most of my reading this year has been stories of or by fearless and accomplished women.  they are all wildly different people but i find them all inspiring in different ways.  i've decided to continue with this theme.  if you have any recommendations send them my way!

May 26, 2016


self starters


this book is awesome!  caroline is my new hero.  i thought my life fairly exciting, but hers is next level on the adventure scale.  plus i like the interactive tasks that the book contains.  if you have a daughter, buy this for her.  we need more gutsy girls.

May 17, 2016



   i realize i announced my comeback and then haven't posted much on here.  it's been a pretty busy time.  sadly our lafayette home is on the market.  the owners are selling in a rush and for the past month every week has brought more disruptions to our life; open house, showings, inspections of so many sorts, people showing up unannounced, repairs, etc.  the whole thing has been really stressful - not to mention we now have to move out 3 months before our lease ends and at the absolute worst time.  the beginning of june will be... interesting.  luckily we found a new place and we are good to go so at least the stress of searching is over.
   i am obviously a little bit sad to leave this place, especially the gardens, where flowers that my brother and i planted are already returning.  but i guess the count continues... bring on new home number... 31?  i forget.

p.s. don't call this woman.  it's already sold.  and you don't want to deal with her.


i'm doing my yearly cleansing routine right now, i learned from last year and decided to wait until "spring" this year.  i've been doing just juice for the past three days.  today was really exciting.  i made veggie broth. 


simpson street studio

i pass my days in rooms like this.


using a timer to take these photos is a pretty imperfect system.  i have probably about 20 - 30 seconds total to get back to my mat, get in the pose and then deepen.  alot goes wrong on almost every round.  this photo for example - i meant for this to be an example of a starting point as i begin to work on it again.  but i'm not sure this is actually my deepest expression of it at this time - just the deepest i could get into in the time i had.  i really need to get a remote cable release.  you might see this again....

May 11, 2016


one of my students gave this handmade gift to me, along with a wonderful note.  i feel so lucky to do what i do.

Apr 26, 2016