May 29, 2012


There are things I know, I’ve learned, from the miles I’ve covered.  I know that the dust in the air today comes flying across barren plains and hills in the desert south of here.  I know because I drove through it.  I watched the clouds approaching from afar, reached them as pink sand snaked over the road ahead of me and the horizon became an impossible thing to see.  I watched as mile after mile of spires and plateaus and arches appeared in the haze of dust, otherworldly, unfamiliar, and beautiful.  If only cities appeared thusly in smog.  Each mile I wondered how long would this wild wind last?  When would it stop?  Surely the mountains would cut against it’s vigor. 
Then I reached my home and destination, windy still on the mesa of my childhood and sure enough the next day it came, through the night and the mountains. High in the air like a blizzard of dirt the clouds I’d driven through all the day previous arrived and blocked out the sun.  All day the wind ripped at trees and shingles and howled around the eaves and windows.  Other people were surprised, though I had seen it coming.  The setting sun, obscured by dust, was not unfamiliar to me.  I knew the hundreds of miles I’d driven were flying above me in the sky.
There are things I don’t know, I’ve yet to learn before I quit moving.  Where does such a wind come from?  How does a vicious, whipping force cover hundreds and hundreds of miles and then disappear?  Where does she go?  And how long, how far, how fast must I drive to find out?

May 26, 2012


                                          the navajo nation


this is thomas, aka the hulk..... he is about to make an honest woman out of my megean, so you know he's a very special kind of crazy.


                                          oatman inn


all the desert flowers are in bloom right now.  it seems so improbable that anything so delicate could live in the scorching, withering heat but for this one moment exquisite flowers pop up everywhere. 


May 21, 2012

May 20, 2012

May 16, 2012




                                           new home number 23

the cool cabin

"...i'm living in a cabin in the woods which is still in the process of getting a facelift.  the previous occupants completely trashed the place and the first order of business for k + q.b. has been to transform it from cracked out dirt hovel in the woods to a cabin porn class homestead.  it's still transforming so there are aspects of living in it that basically equal glorified camping.  but there is hot water inside and electricity now (with a generator) and these are huge steps.  this week the sink, counter tops and pantry will all come in and we can stop doing dishes in the bathtub which will be a major change.  the floors are still ripped up, waiting for their floorboards, we mostly sit in camp chairs since there is no furniture and i sleep on an air mattress that we move from the living room at night to the large bedroom by day.  the bedrooms are used for construction, work and storage and contain nearly no improvements - some original decomposing linoleum, holes in the ceilings, walls, etc.



when i complained once about not having a good yoga studio as a way to validate my poor yoga practice, shalimar said to me, "the good thing about yoga, marin, is that it's always with you and you can take it with you everywhere."
years later i attest to this truth every time i lay my mat down in some new spot, remembering all the places before it.



this is taylor lane... she's a funny little nugget.