Jun 30, 2014


It's officially here!  Summer in Colorado - there is no where in the world I'd rather be. 
 This summer is going to be all about:

enjoying the new house
working on the farm
playing in the garden
teaching yoga
trying new recipes with all our fresh veggies
trips to the mountains
morning hikes before work
picnic dates
starting new chapters
making friends
visiting the ranch
supporting the neighborhood brewery
dinners with family
outdoor concerts


As I watched Andrew Bird play tonight in a giant barn, in a park at the foot of the mountains I felt very deeply and profoundly that I am home.  That for the first time in a long time I am settling in for a  while.  I have lived many places, and traveled many too, but sitting in the audience last night I realized that whatever else I am feeling about all the things in my life - I am feeling at home.  It's something I cannot remember feeling in a very, very, long time.  

This unadulterated feeling of belonging has been elusive and I've been chasing it.  I've found moments of it and parts of it, but underneath something was always a bit skewed.  The fit was never just right.  Somehow, though, in the last place I'd ever look at the moment I'd given up; I found it.  

I have rambled enough to know nothing lasts.  But for this moment my heart is full and I am thankful.

Jun 26, 2014


i'm not sure which variety this is.  they have huge blooms, bigger than my hand, and smell just beautiful. 


john's delphinums

after so long on the road without a place of my own i am loving having gardens.  flower gardens, veggie gardens, berry bushes, grapevines, herb gardens, a freaking pond with a waterfall.  it makes me so so happy.  this is the flower period of my blog, evidently. 

Jun 23, 2014


“There’s nothing under the ground that’s worth more than the little layer of topsoil sitting on top of it.” 
~ Wendell Berry


Jun 21, 2014


Pretty sure someone murdered his whole family with an axe in this house, 100%.


it's summer in the lowlands but it's still spring in the mountains. 



I don't remember the name of these little ones (John?) but they are my new favorites and the bees too.  The gardens, especially the beds in the front, already have so many beautiful flowers coming in on their own, but this was my addition.  They look really good and I'm stupid proud of myself for picking just the right blooms.


Jun 16, 2014


by any other name

this is just a reminder:  if today was your last day on earth, you wouldn't want to waste it being grumpy.


Jun 7, 2014


May was a big month. 

- taught yoga at a retreat in Costa Rica
- moved to a new house
- sister graduated
- hosted Russ's family at our new home
- Zan graduated
- hosted our first party
- John came to visit
- got two jobs
- planted a garden

And this wasn't even everything!  I feel we earned a hike.



Jun 1, 2014