May 31, 2011



thus concludes the washington portion of my gypsying.  it was overall a wonderful experience....the thing though about me and bellingham is that if i stay there too long i feel like moss starts to grow on my brain.  which is maybe, actually, really possible.  anyway it's about time to dry out.  finally... i'm making my way to the desert.


this is just a reminder:
you'll inhale fewer bugs if you breathe through your nose.



this is jaclyn.... she is my valentine all year round.

May 27, 2011



this is michelle.... i feel like i've known her forever.

May 26, 2011


- listen to and appreciate those around me
- listen to the world and to my heart
- be thankful and grateful

May 24, 2011



good lawd.  queen bee went and built the bathhouse of all bathhouses and kindly invited me over to check it out.  amazing.  no detail was overlooked, right down to the glass of wine.  thanks buddy!

May 23, 2011

May 18, 2011



today i was hiking through the still woods off old samish.  it was a beautiful but brisk day and i could see my breath.  as i came over a hill and looked down the trail before me i saw a shaved-headed, brown-robed monk walking barefoot up the path.  amid the moss-covered boulders and mysterious old cedars he looked so otherworldly and so natural that for a split second i lost my reality.

i felt certain that i'd wondered into some magical land.  i wasn't scared - just surprised.  it only lasted a moment, this fall through the looking glass, because he was followed by a normal looking guy in a patagonia fleece and hiking boots.  

i was utterly disoriented as i realized that no - this was regular reality - it just happened to contain a barefoot monk hiking to cedar lake.  after i'd passed them, exchanging pleasantries, i felt so disappointed that i hadn't somehow stumbled into a magical, mythical land.  then i re-evaluated that thought and felt incredibly overjoyed that the world i live in is so inherently magical that something like that occurs on an average tuesday.  i felt happy that life is so surprising and silly and full of possibility.

and i really wished you were there.

May 16, 2011


                                            happy monday babies

just so you know i didn't put him in there.

May 14, 2011


i don't know how to tell you this but i'm not fucking around here.  it really is this green in bellingham right now. 

May 13, 2011

May 11, 2011


- the weather is shitty
+ the coffee is excellent
= draw

May 10, 2011



today might have been my favorite day in new york.

i have planted and worked in many different gardens now, in many different places.  i feel lucky to say that they have all been beautiful, truly.  today was the first time though that i looked up from the dirt in front of me and saw the awesome skyline of midtown manhattan.  today was the first day in nyc that i could look down and see my pants covered in mud and my nails caked with soil.  it was such a relief.  

this gardening excursion was bookended by truly fantastic meals.  first at diner with shannon and the girls and after at roberta's with shay.  at roberta's i not only had the best pizza i've ever had in my life, but i also got to eat some of the ingredients grown on the rooftop i'd worked at all afternoon.  

both of these restaurants are helping push the local, sustainable eating thing forward in brooklyn and they are doing it so deliciously it is mind-blowing.  yes there is some seriously rad shit going on in brooklyn right now....

check out this website and see what they are up to on this one acre rooftop in queens.  i think it is so cool.  and besides being really really cool i also happen to think it is important.  and it's awesome to be a part of something cool and import.... even if it's just for a day.

thank you so much shannon, ben and shay for making my last day here so special.

May 6, 2011


i felt really safe walking around in the lower east side last night and i didn't like it.  it's lost it's sleaze and i don't mean in a good way.


here's how you make what we like to call "a jimbo margarita"

squeeze one medium juicy lime.
add tequila (top shelf)
and a splash of contreau
and a tad of agave syrup.
shake with ice and serve in a salted glass

May 4, 2011


this is the hummingbird cupcake from magnolia.  i couldn't help it.  

May 1, 2011


why yes, that is shay and terra getting down in the middle of the sunday central park rollerskating/dance scene.  and yes, it has been a lifelong dream of mine to be one of the dancing people in the middle.  how do you get to be one of those people you ask?  i've often wondered that myself.  well guess what?  turns out we were chosen

today. was. so. awesome.