Feb 25, 2013


what do you wanna bet that the residents of this birdhouse are in costa rica?



abmigration location

"....it's cold here; very, very cold and my years as a fair weather, long distance migrant have thinned my skin.  all the adaptation to sub-freezing temperatures has been beached out of me.  i. am. freezing.  it's been snowing pretty much everyday since i got here and i have spent most of my time inside.  the snow is beautiful.  but it's vicious.
this home is not the obvious choice for me; not warm, not exotic, not fraught with adventure, not unique in form or design.  it's comfortable and cozy and sparsely decorated.  it is a stopping point.  a mountain nest on a trans-global migration map.  true we're here in the wrong season and my feathers are ruffled.  there is in fact only one thing that could draw me back up to this altitude at this time of year.  love.  it's his nest by necessity and therefore mine by choice...."



Feb 13, 2013


this is zephyr.... he's a lover.


the jumping off point

"...the world is moving in mysterious and magnificent ways.  what started out as a road trip ended up as a new life....and naturally, a new home - crsmt, playa samara, costa rica.  somehow my lucky stars have deposited me on this beach and i'm thanking them for it.  

sometimes the universe is so full i feel like i'm drowning in the overflow, no, not drowning, floating, swimming, flowing through.."

Feb 12, 2013


kapotasanahey everyone! look what i can do!


this is casey.... she's a shaman.


this is carter.... he means well.  actually he's great, but maybe don't follow him on any treks.


baddha parsvakonasanathis is jax......sassy aggressive.  and we love her for it.


                                vrschikasana 1

this is paul..... he's an amazing wise soul.


dwi pada viparita dandasanathis is lauren.... my beautiful inapporpriate yogi scorpio besty.  no one is as funny as we are. gauranteed.


                                          urdhva danurasnana modified

this is stephanie.... she is one badass yoga mom for hire.  stephanie you are so inspiring to me!

Feb 9, 2013


this is renee.... he's the man.


every morning we sit at the same table, with the same group and everyone goes around and checks in - just saying what's on their mind.  it is an amazing relief and some funny, sad, and profound moments have occurred around our table. i feel so lucky to know all of them and i have come to look forward to breakfast even more thanks to these lovely ladies.  katie, anita, kelsey, stephanie and erica (not pictured) i love you all!


                                                                                  stephanie's first class

student teaching has begun!