Dec 28, 2015

Dec 10, 2015



i have always been told by my stylist friends to never dye my hair.  so i haven't.  it's been 34 years.  i'm over it. 

Dec 9, 2015


this is meg... it's her birthday!

Nov 13, 2015

Nov 10, 2015

Nov 9, 2015


this was surprisingly inspiring and helpful.

Nov 3, 2015


i woke up like this

growing out bangs - the struggle is real.

Nov 1, 2015

Oct 27, 2015


after photo only
The name of the color is French Gray....?

Oct 21, 2015

Oct 7, 2015

Oct 6, 2015


"Telluride is known as a tough town, she's pretty but she's pretty damn mean.
Good luck only lasts for a little while, then you sleep with your own shattered dreams.
The Ute's dropped a curse on this valley, some say it still stands today,
White man won't keep any riches, and his woman will run away.
Never will find any happiness, money will slip through your hands, 
Telluride has taken the toughest and the best and buried them deep in the land."

Bobby Bear 

Over the years I have heard different versions of the curse the Ute Indians laid upon the Telluride valley when the white miners and settlers finally drove them for good from one of their most sacred lands.  The one that really stuck with me was the one that said no white man's family will ever be happy, prosperous, and ever able to stay in the valley for more than 100 years, or three generations.  As I watch the last of the old time locals and/or their kids move away, fleeing the hoards of tourists or crushed under the price of living and of real estate, I remember this version of the curse. 

Oct 4, 2015


We hiked into fall!

 We traversed the Sneffels Range!  Hut life is over. 

Oct 3, 2015


Day 3 in the wilderness and I am fully in my happy place.  No phones, no service, no internet, no people, (except the occasional hunter) and so far, no bears!  Just breathtaking views and the soothing rustle of changing aspen leaves.

 last night of hut life!