Mar 31, 2011

Mar 30, 2011


just like old times

this is obviously a profoundly social time in my life. i love you all. but damn i feel the need to get on the road again soon.

Mar 27, 2011


can we kick it?

this is jonny boss.... to know him is to love him.


harden up, we're goin out

Mar 25, 2011


brian day

this is brian, aka smokey......he is authentic on every level.


attic dweller day


new home number 14

the attic

"... i love, love, love that after all my intense travels and wild adventures i can come back to san francisco and snuggle up in the attic...."


groundhog day

i flew back in time and had march 22nd again. it was the strangest thing - on the way into san francisco i saw that airplane shadow/rainbow thing again. i've flown all over the place and never seen it before the beginning and end of this journey. which was, now that i think about it, full of rainbows.

make of this what you will. i'm too jet-lagged to think much.

Mar 21, 2011


30 hours in paradise


fine, fiji me


goodbye new home number 13

you know you're in wharariki when... people wave on the road. you know the times for low and high tide but have no idea what day it is. you hear 5 different languages at the dinner table. people say yaki da instead of cheers. there are peacock feathers in every vase, window and dashboard. you have to hotwire the vehicle. you recognize the noise of at least 10 different motors from over 2 kilometers away. you're actually tired of fresh seafood. your free meal is worth $300. you start dreaming about flax. everything you own is covered in sand. your one and only essential accessory is your blade. you forget what a flush toilet sounds like. every animal has a name, every vehicle has an alias, every person has a nickname. no adventure is too wild. fear is no longer even part of your emotional palette. collingwood becomes a thriving metropolis, takaka becomes the big city. your messages haven't been checked in weeks. a 10 minute hot shower is a big event. you hear the word magic several times a day. the outside world fades away. life is literally a beach.


wedding day

nothing like a psychedelic trance, dress-up wedding on the full moon to celebrate my last day here.


the german boys leave wharariki day

this is timo and sam....aka stock and binny. they turned out to be way less serious than they seemed at first.


joe comes to wharariki day

look who showed up at the beach! i love it when worlds collide!



i decorated the gypsy wagon for kat; she's going to buy it off me. she's naming it marin* - so naturally she needed some stars.



Mar 14, 2011


gandhi day


beginning goodbye

this is the cheeky wee monkey of wharariki.


massive adventure day

this morning i was woken up before dawn by a giant flashlight in the face - behind which i could vaguely make out the pirates hulking shape.

"oi! get up yous! we're going fishing! then we're going to a dirt bike rally! then we're going to the marble cliffs where they filmed lord of the rings! then we'll go have a bonfire at the beach! no work today for any of us. i've been trying to find a day to do all the adventures at once before all yous have to leave. we're doing it today."

he had already started with the rum i think.

thus started the massive adventure day. it was soooo epic.


massive catch

killed a goat.


lifes a beach


the beauty

this is sarah...... she's a beautiful little spitfire.

Mar 8, 2011


final flax day

to do list:
clean my knife
ride the dirt bike
cook some food


shiny new day

in an unprecedented decision i have decided to not go to fiji. i will be staying here until i come back to the states on the 22nd. yes. that is right. i said it.

fuck fiji.


pig dog

this is blade..... the muzzle is necessary.


cockles day


never dull


takaka day

Mar 2, 2011




first the paddock, then the road

i'm learning to ride a dirt bike! it's the absolute funnest thing ever! why did i not do this sooner?


morning manuka