Mar 30, 2010


drug free spider web

try as i might, i've yet to find a spider who can spell.



i keep my lion claws in a soap dish with my shark tooth, my pirate keys and my florentine incense papers. obviously.

Mar 25, 2010


RIP jim marshall

god dammit....

i want to acknowledge the passing of a legend and someone who had a huge impact on my own life in a real way. if i hadn't met jim i never would have gotten my leica, i never would have taken any of my "going over home" photos. i never would have moved to san francisco.

he was the first person i called when i got here. he got me my first job. that job introduced me to music.

so much good in my life came from this one cantankerous wild man. i know i wasn't alone, i know he had other beneficiaries; random young photographers that he would take under his wing and help (even if he maybe drove them crazy at the same time). despite his wildness he was a secret sweetheart....... and one hell of a photographer.

this is jim...... he changed my life.


i heart haters.

so jim (hughes) and i went to the alameda skate park yesterday and made some friends. a funny thing happened. i was on one side of the skate park with some kids and jim was on the other side with some others. apparently they didn't care that he could obviously hear them and they started talking about me.

"dude, she's pretty hot."
"yeah she's hot."
"she's hot but when you get close to her you can see that she.. that she's, like older."

when we were leaving and jim told me what they said i told him i wasn't sure how to take that.

"marin, take it as a compliment - they're twelve."

you've heard of a backhanded compliment?

Mar 22, 2010

Mar 19, 2010

Mar 18, 2010


r.i.p. chucks

my favorite chucks died today. they had a good life, took me far, were constantly complimented, were well documented; now it's time to take them to the desert and leave them on the shoe tree, where all good shoes go to die.


jim's birthday

Mar 15, 2010


"you know what you should do..."

this scene takes place inside a honda civic hatchback at the rc gas station on market and castro. the time is around 8:15 pm.

marin: "i feel like taking a silly picture of us."

she holds the camera out, takes several unflattering pictures, giggles after examining each one.

marin: "that one is alot of head."

(takes another, looks at it.)

marin: "what is that weird shadow?"

(takes another, looks at it.)

marin: "wow we look really red."

john: (amused) "i don't know what you're expecting here."

marin: "let's make a face dad makes."

(takes another)

john: "this is going to say alot about what i think of dad."

they both examine photo and errupt in laughter.

marin: "that's the one! that's the one! this is it!" (she gasps for air)

john: " i love you. it's wonderful that it's really this easy to make you this happy."

they continue to laugh hysterically until tears run down her face

marin: "so much is funny.... so much is funny," (she says through laughter), "my pea size brain, (gasps) your feelings about dad (gulps), the amazingly expressive eyebrows that he gave us both (yelps)... and also dad reads my blog."

a photo of my actual father making one of his faces with us would have been the most awesome scenario.


sunday loves

this is harmony...... i have been taking her picture since forever.


ai mi caramelo!

this is my gypsy friend beige...... on saturday night she was sleep talking...

"truth-seeking in march is a very dangerous business," she said, "you deserve to read nonsense."

so true.


h = 4.135 x 10-15 eV-sec = 6.625 x 10-27 erg-sec

Mar 11, 2010


joyeux anniversaire!!

this is grampy...... he sparkles with life.

(i love him dearly but i have to say... the number of candles on that cake is misleading.)

Mar 10, 2010


can you hear me now?

i was standing in cellular world trying to get my blackberry fixed today and while waiting was transfixed with this giant map.

i couldn't help but mentally note the areas with no service. i'm not sure why but i had the strongest urge to pack it in and move to a white area, the only areas where the constant technological bombardment can still be avoided. there are still 'no service' areas! basic human interaction still has a chance! we just have to make it to the desert, or the forests, or the mountains.

who's with me? it looks like alaska may be our best bet.

Mar 9, 2010



i'm not sure if you're catching it but there is a theme of awesomeness going on here and it has nothing to do with photoshop.

Mar 8, 2010


we don't have to say a word

peter and the wolf, where summer goes. look into it.


my favorite tree

of course my camera battery died when i finally got someone in there. luckily everyone i know has an iphone.

this is wil.....

Mar 5, 2010



one of these days my wishes will come true. you probably won't ever see me again after that. xo


wil's favorite sign

do you know where this establishment is? i challenge you to find it.

(clue number 1: it's near jen's new place.)

Mar 3, 2010


the limit

so i put a website together. it's far from done but it'll do.
hey everyone! come see how good i look!



my roommate neil is an artist. he's doing an art project with some kids from east oakland. somewhere along the way he's acquired this huge roll of canvas and they are all drawing and painting on it. the theme, or the concept is 'dreams'.

neil tells me that he's going to bring them on a field trip to our house and then take them to the beach. because even though they only live in oakland, they have never seen the ocean.

they have never seen the ocean. except in dreams.



this is a blog post of a photo of a photographer taking a picture of a computer.