Jun 15, 2016


warning: garden pics to follow.  i'm saying good by to the beautiful gardens at new home number 30. 

Jun 13, 2016


bolder boulder
perhaps like me you've never particularly cared about memorial day as a holiday before.  next year you should definitely attend the bolder boulder.  it takes it to a whole new level.

Jun 3, 2016


bennett boys

the youngest bennett boy has graduated!  it's exciting times around here.  congratulation de!

Jun 2, 2016



we are moving in less than a month now.  it's very bittersweet to see all the flowers coming back and the garden thriving.  i'm happy all our hard work has yielded so much beauty, but it sucks to move before enjoying what appears to be the best gardening year yet.  oh well i guess, just another garden i'm leaving behind.

Jun 1, 2016


aspen bed progress

look how good it's getting john!