Jul 27, 2011


this has been the happiest two weeks of my life.  thank you guys.
its a funny life to live.  the leaving life.  we end. we leave.  we move forward and we never know what will happen.  i love this because it's honest.  you never know what will happen.

you may have your schedule, your plan, your goals, your time table.   i've had mine.  i've seen it in action.  i'm not saying that this is not the way to live.  it's just not my way to live.  i had to leave those things behind. 

there is no certainty.   no real for sure.  

this can either be scary... or liberating.  

i hope you jump in a river naked in the middle of a week day one day real soon.  

when you do, you'll understand a tiny bit......

you'll understand what i now know.  this is the only thing, the only moment.  you should really enjoy it. 
i love you.


Jul 23, 2011


this photo from last nights party explains why i didn't take any photos today.

let's take tally.....
food fight.  check.
skinny dipping in the river.  check.
general indecency in front of children.  check.
drunken cartwheels on the lawn.  check.
motorboats.  check.
head injuries complete with a volunteer fire department rescue.  check.
learning valuable lessons about the importance of curtains.  check.

last night was a total success.  today was a loss.  draw.

Jul 18, 2011


this is kt.... she's a lovely little sprite of a thing.



                                           tracking lessons

becky and i saw a lynx at the beach today.

Jul 13, 2011




happy birthday jessi!  happy birthday shannon! 


                                        new home number 19

the fairytale spot

"so i'm living in a magical wooden cottage on the mattole river.  the owner is an architect and the house reflects it.  every corner, every turn, every space tells a story with line and light.  every simple and eclectic piece of art or vase of dried flowers or birds nest or stained glass window just adds to the feeling of having stumbled into the woods and woken up in a good fairytale.  the grounds, which i have yet to explore, sprawl around us and reach to the river.  the yard is littered with giant trees and ferns.  the garden has roses and hollyhocks and fruit trees.  birds sing in the trees, most especially the large maple right outside my bedroom window.  yes, i have my own bedroom - wood paneled, darker and comfortable, with a window at the head of the bed perfectly framing this glorious tree.  i woke up from dreams of lettuce to the sound of bird wings and the purring of a little gray cat that looks just like chai.  if it is a dream here i don't want to wake up.  if it is a fairytale then this must be the happily ever after.  or at least it feels that way...  after months of adventuring around, with heroes and villains; through glittering cities and mythical, mysterious lands, after all the unending quests and thousands of miles i can finally stay put in this magical cottage in the woods and live quietly.

at least for now....."

Jul 9, 2011


hello again california.



sometimes, not often, but some moments  when i think of leaving again... leaving my family and loved ones and the magnificent scenery i find myself in... i feel heavy with fatigue and so blue and melancholy.  my heart longs to continue dwelling where it is and the thought of leaving makes it ache.

but then i get on the road. and i hit the gas.  and i roll the windows down. and i turn the music up. and i put my hand out into the rushing air.

  and all is well again.


Jul 5, 2011


aw shit i'm a colorado girl again!..... sort of.

when i quit my gypsy ways i'll settle back down in the valley where strawberry nay and i are gonna start a touring company. 

"and this building used to be a whorehouse!  or a bar!  i can't remember which but it's a sure thing!" 



i didn't photoshop this yall.  the clouds really are this off the hook here.


                                         alta lakes


dear terra rose and emma pearl:
i completely forgot!  this is not the flower i would be if i were a flower.  i'm the flower in the photo!  i'm an indian paintbrush!

Jul 1, 2011


this is just a reminder:
baseball games are so much more fun when you have good seats.