Jul 27, 2011


this has been the happiest two weeks of my life.  thank you guys.
its a funny life to live.  the leaving life.  we end. we leave.  we move forward and we never know what will happen.  i love this because it's honest.  you never know what will happen.

you may have your schedule, your plan, your goals, your time table.   i've had mine.  i've seen it in action.  i'm not saying that this is not the way to live.  it's just not my way to live.  i had to leave those things behind. 

there is no certainty.   no real for sure.  

this can either be scary... or liberating.  

i hope you jump in a river naked in the middle of a week day one day real soon.  

when you do, you'll understand a tiny bit......

you'll understand what i now know.  this is the only thing, the only moment.  you should really enjoy it. 
i love you.


  1. I feel like i get to live through you via these pictures and I adore this one!

  2. Love this, thank you, sending huge hugs. xoxo

  3. well said, love! and thank you right back atcha!