Apr 21, 2012


day 5sometimes my blog is just boring shannon.  that's usually because i'm way too busy to bother or because my life around the blog is also boring.  which is the case now.  whatever.  i'm embracing the nothingness of these days.

i'm having the kind of existential crisis that requires drastic action.  in the effort to feel something i've chosen.... hunger.  have you heard of the master cleanse?  yeah i'm not eating.  it's been five days.  at first it was pure hell and splitting headaches.  turns out caffeine is an evil queen.  getting her out of my veins was a painful process and now in my eyes she's just poison in a pretty bottle.  or bean as the case may be. 

somehow it worked and i've starved out the dissatisfaction.  i'm hungry, literally and figuratively and feel ready to feast again, to overwhelm all my senses and savor each bite, to roll it around my whole mouth and chew it to a pulp, getting every last bit of flavor before swallowing it and reaching for more.



                                           day 3




there's a new house where the old one stood, almost ready to be lived in and loved.  for mom's birthday john and i planted a bunch of flowering trees and shrubs around the yard and then took her out to dinner.  while we were digging the neighbor came over with a lilac bush.  she told us that it is a midwestern wives tale that planting lilacs at a new house is good luck.

we've planted 7 so far.

Apr 15, 2012


                                           deception pass

back in the slanting sunshine of the evergreen state.


i reserve the right to completely change my mind and reverse my trajectory at any moment in time or point on earth.... that makes me hard to hold i guess.