Aug 28, 2013


i spent the whole day painting the new office.  not quite the anniversary i planned but productive.
happy jewelry thirteenth.

Aug 19, 2013

Aug 15, 2013


i've been missing lately life off the grid; missing the stillness of a little cabin in the woods and the life that revolves around daylight and dust.  i miss the quiet of the forest, silent except for the crunching leaves under my feet.  i miss waking out there - so far from any human noise - to birds and sunlight.  i miss the smell of cut wood and the nighttime visits from lions and bears, terrifying as they may have been at the time.  i miss my cabin friends, our delicious feasts, our arts and crafts, our gardening, our guitaring and our laughing.  i miss river days.  i wouldn't trade my life now for a life i once had, but i know that in my happiest future, there is a cabin in the woods. 

Aug 5, 2013



the lone cone is a 12,614 ft. peak that stands alone, the furthest west of the major peaks in the san juans.  it has looked down at me from different angles my whole life and today dad and i finally climbed it.  we went early and fast to beat the afternoon thunderstorms that have been coming through norwood.  some parts were incredibly steep and unstable and paired with the altitude i got pretty dizzy and momentarily scared.  i just kept thinking, "danger is very real, but fear is a choice."  thanks will smith!

Aug 2, 2013



one day all the ghost towns will be gone, all the arrowheads washed away.  what then will be old?  what will be left of the wild west?  
even after the trees die, the lakes dry, the mountains will still be standing.

Aug 1, 2013


                                                                              ranching it


this photo is taken from the top of bear peak, the highest in the flatirons.  it was an incredibly strenuous hike but well worth it.  in case you didn't realize, i have kicked into hiking mode.  one of my favorite things in the world is climbing around the mountains in the colorado summer.  it's sometimes hard to breathe and i'm always shrinking from thunderstorms but not much else makes me feel so alive.