Apr 30, 2010


nothing new under the sun

years ago when i was living in santa barbara and working as a nanny, my friend robin and i sold fairy wings at festivals for leslie, the woman we nannied for.

that's right. she made fairy wings. she lived on an avocado and lemon farm in summerland, california and made fairy wings. we watched her kids and sometimes sold the wings at festivals. we were really good at it. you'd be surprised how jaded the vendors in the festival circuit are. we were like a breath of fresh fucking air.... and we wore the product well.

i was just sitting here today smiling over the memory of the venom in leslie's eyes when another fairy wing vendor "stole" her idea to put fake flower petals inside the tulle of the fairy skirts. she was so outraged. so indignant. so wronged.

it's a dog eat dog world man.


jhp to do list

Apr 28, 2010

Apr 26, 2010


dr. dog day

some people would choose going to europe over going to the moon.
but not you.


i've never been to corona heights


good dirt

our garden is coming along nicely.

Apr 23, 2010


misty's last day

goodbye misty! and good luck with whatever comes next.

Apr 21, 2010


happy 4:20 babies! huh huh.*

my brother and i are on a search for every real photo photobooth left in the city. got any tips?

*no pot was smoked before, during or after the making of this photo.

Apr 20, 2010


one light 3

future islands, wave like home, little dreamer. look into it.

Apr 19, 2010




art day

i wish it was everyday.


salt + sugar

angela and i have been making bath salts and sugar scrubs lately and on friday we were a part of the underground market. it was a complete success and a ton of fun. check it out and come next time! xo

Apr 16, 2010


happy birthday mama!

i love you.

Apr 15, 2010

Apr 12, 2010


made for walking

i bought my pink cowboy boots for a halloween costume when i lived in the 555. miraculous things have happened in them. i bought them and wore them for the first vegoose festival and i think that they were on my feet for the acid test that same halloween. they've walked me through the hallway's of madison avenue fashion magazines, they've moved mantles out of harlem brownstones.

they've been slept in.

they've been backstage and onstage.

they've climbed trees with no limbs in the dead of night - no one believed i'd make it up in cowboy boots but they didn't understand.... these particular boots make things happen.
it's true.

whenever i wear them i know something amazing is about to occur.

i met mikey in these boots. i drove georgia in these boots. i raced jack's porsche down 19th ave in these boots. and won. of course.

after wandering around brooklyn, getting chased in the projects, licked on the face, and locked out, i then slept on marley's stoop in these boots. and nothing bad happened.

they were on my feet for almost every road trip that ever mattered. they've carried me over deserts and concrete and countless concerts.

they're beaten and worn and the heels are slowly being stomped off... somewhere along the line they got covered in paint. but i'll probably wear them until they cannot be worn anymore. i will wear these boots to pieces.

if you see me and i'm wearing them, stick with me..... and hang on.

Apr 11, 2010




this time they might take him away

"NASA," les said, "whoulda thunk it?"

we should go to a show together sometime. my treat.



Apr 8, 2010


"how funny it'll seem to come out among the people that walk with their heads downwards!"


jhp crew.

we were going off the matterhorn.


day 2


dustinaksland.com for jim hughes photography


the well


love is in the earth


april showers


the future