Mar 25, 2010


RIP jim marshall

god dammit....

i want to acknowledge the passing of a legend and someone who had a huge impact on my own life in a real way. if i hadn't met jim i never would have gotten my leica, i never would have taken any of my "going over home" photos. i never would have moved to san francisco.

he was the first person i called when i got here. he got me my first job. that job introduced me to music.

so much good in my life came from this one cantankerous wild man. i know i wasn't alone, i know he had other beneficiaries; random young photographers that he would take under his wing and help (even if he maybe drove them crazy at the same time). despite his wildness he was a secret sweetheart....... and one hell of a photographer.

this is jim...... he changed my life.

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