May 16, 2012


                                           new home number 23

the cool cabin

"...i'm living in a cabin in the woods which is still in the process of getting a facelift.  the previous occupants completely trashed the place and the first order of business for k + q.b. has been to transform it from cracked out dirt hovel in the woods to a cabin porn class homestead.  it's still transforming so there are aspects of living in it that basically equal glorified camping.  but there is hot water inside and electricity now (with a generator) and these are huge steps.  this week the sink, counter tops and pantry will all come in and we can stop doing dishes in the bathtub which will be a major change.  the floors are still ripped up, waiting for their floorboards, we mostly sit in camp chairs since there is no furniture and i sleep on an air mattress that we move from the living room at night to the large bedroom by day.  the bedrooms are used for construction, work and storage and contain nearly no improvements - some original decomposing linoleum, holes in the ceilings, walls, etc.
yet for all the rustic features we live like kings; eating delicious meals spiced with various spices sent back from nepal, drinking french wine by candlelight, working outside in the warm spring air all day, having bonfires, taking photos, discovering treasures that can only be found in a place like this - the old gas cans int he shed, antique metal fixtures, wild lilies in the woods, volunteer wild mint growing out of the tree stump by the kitchen, dragonfly wings under a piece of board, a pool of tadpoles swimming around in a bit of tarp, the hidden pond full of cattails.

at night we watch movies and tv shows on the computer sipping sweet rose tea (we usually pass out mid episode).  in the morning i do yoga in the little glen by the house.  when we are done workin we go on walks through meadows and woods, exploring the beauty around us.

and always we're covered in dirt and helping things grow.

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