May 17, 2016


   i realize i announced my comeback and then haven't posted much on here.  it's been a pretty busy time.  sadly our lafayette home is on the market.  the owners are selling in a rush and for the past month every week has brought more disruptions to our life; open house, showings, inspections of so many sorts, people showing up unannounced, repairs, etc.  the whole thing has been really stressful - not to mention we now have to move out 3 months before our lease ends and at the absolute worst time.  the beginning of june will be... interesting.  luckily we found a new place and we are good to go so at least the stress of searching is over.
   i am obviously a little bit sad to leave this place, especially the gardens, where flowers that my brother and i planted are already returning.  but i guess the count continues... bring on new home number... 31?  i forget.

p.s. don't call this woman.  it's already sold.  and you don't want to deal with her.

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