Oct 8, 2009


bean there done that!

anyone who knows me well enough knows that my car is invariably messy. to give you an idea of what i mean here is a brief and incomplete inventory of what is currently riding around with me in my honda civic hatchback:
- one sweatshirt, gray
- one jacket, green corduroy
- various articles of clothing including swimsuit bottoms
- various pairs of shoes including uggs
- a curtain rod
- an army helmut
- various receipts for good and services
- two used ink cartridges for an hp laserjet 4840; one black, one magenta
- one roll of bubble wrap
- sunscreen
- one box of children's books
- the bhagavad gita
- car stuff (cables, flashlights, maps, etc.)
- lucky rocks
- one bean plant

the bean plant, which is really a bean sprout at this point, is my most recent addition. i planted it in a coconut husk at the body and soul festival in fairfax and it has been in my cup holder until now. i forget it's there most of the time but when i do take notice i don't move it, i water it. when people in my passenger seat try to use my cup-holder i always remind them, "watch out for my bean!" i don't care if they find this weird - i like this experiment; creating an eco-system in my car.

always on the go, my bean will not be rooted and sedentary like other beans...normal beans. my bean will be extraordinary. my bean will see the world.

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