Aug 27, 2011


so hitch didn't make it.  not to worry though, shannon already brought home a new puppy to fill the old puppy void.

"'s before dawn and devin and are are sitting on the couch with the new puppy; drinking coffee and testing out names.
"moneypenny."  says devin with a 007 accent.
"not dusty?"
"dusty sounds like every typical farmdog name.  there are too many dusty's."
"carmen," i suggest.
"where. in. the world is. carmen san diego." devin sings.
"we could just name her carmen san diego."

we decide that cody is a good name, although moneypenny we like too because it gives you an excuse to talk like sean connery.
no decisions are finalized and devin hands me the puppy, gets up and goes out to start work.  the puppy stays asleep in my lap and i whisper names to her  as the sky in the east grows into a light blue..."

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