Jan 16, 2013


"....so... pavones.  i love it.  absolutely fell in love.  i saw scarlett mccaws, parrots, tucans, a million hummingbirds, hawks, kites, pelicans, egrets, blue herons, poison dart frogs, other frogs, jesus christ lizards, other lizards, geckos, white face capuchin monkeys, squirrel monkeys, blue morph butterflies, other butterflies, and more plants and flowers than can be named.  i got pretty badass with my quad skills and managed to machete open some coconuts - though not as good as javier.   i learned to surf!  which is now my new favorite thing.  i began the steps to take my yoga to another level.  i wrote off the ones that needed to be written off and i made some much better friends.  through javier and john and subtitles i learned alot more spanish and on top of all that i can now officially think of cuervito as home.  i am so pleased with that turn of events.  
for now that chapter is done.  and now what?  what will happen?  i hope this all goes well, the way it should, the best possible way...." 

(written at the san jose airport around noon after 8.5 hours of traveling)

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