Mar 31, 2014


dolores river canyon daytoday i went to my happy place; a beautiful dusty canyon near my home which i've yet to see any other person in.  it's the kind of place that makes you feel humble, and small, but thankful to be part of such a world.  a world where winds now blow through a red rock desert that used to be the bottom of a prehistoric ocean.  we found fragments of bones, hundreds of millions of years old; bits of teeth and proof of aquatic life here, in the driest of places.  we hiked through stone and sand and sage, following the river and the same trail that carried cowboys and outlaws and ranchers and indians.  indians who left record of their comings and goings on stones along the trail, mysterious markings whose meanings are clear and murky at the same time.  and now us.  adding to the layers of time in this place that keeps records.  adding to the wonder, the quiet conversation, adding to the echos, and remnants, and proof of existence that this valley holds in silence. forever.  

i'm posting more photos today, click below:

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