Nov 26, 2009


things to be cherished like the thought of heaven

every year around thanksgiving i make a long list of things i'm grateful for. is that cheesy? oh well. in the past it's taken up pages and pages in my journal and consists of things like pink cowboy boots, favorite watering holes, coffee in the morning on a sunday etc. etc.

i am a very thankful person.

this year things feel simpler. it just seems like over the past two years through a series of trials, successes, failures and other filters things have been distilled down the strongest and most important graces.

i'm thankful for
- health
- family
- good friends new and especially old
- home
- the woods, the mountains, the deserts, the oceans and every blade of grass (fine i'm a hippy!)
- inspiration
- motivation
- endless possibility
- endless wonder
- you

- and ok, yes, coffee in the morning on a sunday.

happy thanksgiving babies.


  1. So that's what mom meant when she said she'd made a pie with leaves!

  2. ummm...what did you think I meant?