Nov 17, 2009



i wish i could say something grand, the perfect thing. i wish i could say the perfect thing that would be just exactly what you need to hear. i wish i was inspiring and could speak words that motivated, propelled, that could spur armies to march forward, even into certain death; words that were so powerful they moved people to change the world.

i wish that was a talent of mine.

then finding the words to help you would be easy, words that could fill your heart with fiery courage and make you perfect, steely, resolute and brave. these would be words of action and very different from the ones i would use to try and keep you from being afraid. i am better at those words. the soothing words. i know what i would say to try and make your fear go away.. then i would say,

"it's ok. it is all ok. don't worry. nothing to worry about, what a joke! it will be ok. you will be ok. you are ok."

so maybe i should say the opposite.

"it's not ok. the way things are is simply not right and you are the only one who can change them. it's up to you. you have to fix it. help. change things, make it right."

which would you rather be? unafraid? or brave?


  1. Brave for sure!

    being afraid allows for no change....fear enables one to move and do anything of rational consent...acting out of fear is something to be afraid of it leads to much heart break, regrets, and scares that seem to be deeper then imaginable! There is no need for fear......but love instead!

    Love is stronger then fear can even imagine to be!

    be bold be honest be the one we love and adore!

    be Marin MaCallen :-)

    p.s. i love this blog!