Oct 7, 2017


1. Bring the thumb to touch the tip of the pointer finger, or halfway between the middle knuckle and tip of the pointer finger.

2. Extend the 3 remaining fingers, keeping them straight and gently spread.

3. Manifest the mudra with both hands simultaneously.

4.  Relax the shoulders, hold the hands around the navel or solar plexus, with fingers pointing away from the body.

5.  Take deep full breaths feeling the powerful energy at the solar plexus, the Manipura Chakra.
Ahamkara is translated as "I-maker" and corresponds to the ego.  This mudra helps to build self-confidence and personal power and corresponds with the Manipura Chakra.  It may be practiced when self-confidence needs a boost, when one is feeling self-conscious, doubtful in their abilities, low, and fearful.  It helps to eliminate negative energies from the body and develope a positive attitude.  This mudra helps to fortify self-importance and aids us in expressing it appropriately.   It can be practiced daily, beginning with 10 minutes a day.  

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