Oct 7, 2017


"... i've been processing what i'd like to leave in the past and what i'd like to use from my past to perfect my present.  i definitely want to clean house; ridding myself of comparison, competitiveness, and jealousy.  i especially want to leave behind any negative feelings towards women.  i want to take my great love and admiration for my sisters and develop that into feelings of respect and support for all women working hard and doing their thing.  i've always been easily happy for the success of others and i want to keep that with me and expand it even more, allowing it to strengthen and bolster these feelings of female empowerment.  
i want this to show up in action by putting my gifts to use creating and facilitating spaces for women to grow and connect - through activity, through vulnerability, through humor, through adventure, through nature and through yoga.  these are all building blocks in who i am and have been foundational in building healthy change in my life.  i know that this combination works and i want to do my very best to share it with others.
i want to be kind.  i want to be a liker not a hater, a supporter not a detractor, a positive force to move things forward, knowing that we area ll connected and when one succeeds we all benefit! aho!"


  1. I really love this. I feel like we are almost conditioned to be in competition, but more so, to compare ourselves to other women. We are all on the same team, and this is why I have come to love the retreats you so beautifully plan. Truly. I just think the world of you.

  2. thank you friend! we ARE on the same team!