Oct 7, 2017


how long does it take to come back and meet yourself?

how many wrong turns, breathtaking views, how many detours can you take before you end up home again?  

how long do you run from what can't be outrun?

where do you hide from your own beating heart?

breathe in.
breath out.
remember who you are?
remember the clay you're shaped from.

ten years to face what can never be faced.

a decade of hiding from your own breaking heart.

only to feel it break again as if no time had passed at all.

as if you closed your eyes
and opened them in the dim light
of a parking garage.
in the passenger seat of a car.
listening to the last words ever spoken.

how many songs and conversations to cover what can never be unheard?

how many years of silence would erase it?

these are the words that made you.

and you can never be unmade.

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