Sep 17, 2015


When I started traveling years ago I gave away or sold nearly all my possessions. For years I lived out of a backpack or car, sleeping in tents, tree houses, shacks, hostels, fancy hotels, mansions, boats, planes, rvs, and everywhere in between. Since collecting souvenirs would have been cumbersome and impractical I saved little things from my adventures in the world: a birds nest with broken eggs from Colorado, coral from Fiji, moss from Wasington state, jade from New Zealand, sand dollars from Costa Rica, feathers from hundreds of different birds inhabiting many different continents and so on and on. I'd smuggle these treasures back and store them in a small cedar box which was kept in my car. As the years and the travels mounted I added boxes to store my glorious, unique and precious artifacts. I love to open them and remember all those adventures and all my time in the wild places of the world.

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  1. I love this idea. I have been going through transitioning to a more connected version of myself, I believe. By ridding my life of the material, I feel more able and motivated to move about. I haven't been able to find on your site a way to contact you via email; I am highly interested in how you began your adventures in travel, as I am wanting to travel and explore the world but haven't an idea how to begin. Beautiful photos, beautiful words. --