Aug 13, 2015


Happy World Elephant Day!  In honor of our tusked friends the mudra for today will be the Ganesha Mudra.  Ganesha the elephant-headed god is one of the most beloved and worshiped gods in the Hindu culture.  He is the placer and remover of obstacles and the god of wisdom, science, and learning.

To take this mudra bring the left hand up to chest height (in front of the heart) and turn the palm out.  Bend the fingers.  Lift the right hand up palm face in, bend the fingers and hook them onto the bent fingers of the left hand creating a lock.  Inhale and as you exhale pull each hand away while maintaining the lock of the fingers. Inhale and relax the grip, chest and shoulders but keep the mudra intact.  Repeat this with the breath 6 times.  Then switch the grip so that the right palm faces out the left faces in, and practice 6 times with the breath, on the other side.

This mudra stimulates and strengthens the heart.  It strengthens and releases tension from the neck, shoulders and chest.  It opens the bronchial tubes, aiding in the release of any blockages there.  It stokes the fire of courage and confidence and bestows strength on it's practitioner.  Jai Ganesh!

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