Jun 18, 2015


In yoga there are many practices that can be used to calm and sooth the restless mind, or the Manomaya Kosha (Mind Sheath).  This sheath is affected by pranayam, mantra, pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), visualization, reading scriptures and texts, yama & niyamas (ethical observances and restraints),  and svadiyaya (self-study).  Another practice is to let the gaze fall softly upon a repeating pattern in nature, which can help to quiet the mind.  I think of this every time I walk through fields around the house lately.  It's incredibly calming.  

If you want to test this out (in case you hadn't already realized that being in nature is soothing) you can also get this sensation from waves, leaves, hillsides, trees, flowers, river rocks, rain drops, etc.  Or you can look at this photo.  Namaste bitches, xx.

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