Dec 16, 2013


 "..russ is a person who asks big questions casually.  questions that, at the time of our meeting, i'd stopped asking myself.  so when he asked, "what do you really want from life?" i had to search for the answer.
"i want to keep going further."  i responded.
of course i had to explain what i meant by that.  i'd already gone pretty far; across the world a few times, withdrawn from community and society, out of touch with family and friends for long stretches as i delved into the wild.  when i said further i meant it - i wanted to go longer, farther, and discard more.  i wanted to see marvels and keep seeing them; no breaks, no rest, just adventure after adventure, deeper into the thrill of unknown territory.  but, and this i didn't say at the time, i no longer wanted to go alone.
i'd been far and seen much by myself.  i'd filled up on solitude.  i wanted to share the amazement of this journey with someone.  someone ridiculous and brave.  someone fun and smart.  someone most comfortable on the road.
and just like that; he asked, i answered and it was done.  i didn't realize it then but i got everything i wanted in that moment.

and the journey goes on..."