Nov 25, 2013


i've had this concept of time in my mind for a while, hard to explain, even to myself.  but i'll give it a go....

instead of viewing life as a road, where cause and effect change your direction and lead to different branches of the path, i view it more like a giant tapestry; each life being one single thread and the whole thing being much too large to view at once.  
in the path analogy outside forces and your decisions dictate your journey through life.  you're laying it down as you go.  in the tapestry analogy it's already woven.  there might be a bit of stretch and give, some threads may fray or break, but the whole thing is already created, existing simultaneously.  i guess it could go along with the belief in predetermined destiny to some extent.  but in my mind i always thought of it more as preexisting destiny.  i haven't pondered this idea in a really long time - been too busy living and worrying more than i should.  then i came across this quote this morning.  and i was like, 'yeah einstein.  nailed it.'  i'll be looking into this theory more.

"time is not at all what it seems.  it does not flow only in only one direction, and the future exists simultaneously with the past."

-mr. einstein

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