Oct 7, 2013


during part of this guided visualization the students are asked to go back in time to the moment when they decided to come to crsmt.  this epiphany took place for each of them in all different parts of the world under drastically different circumstances.  many different paths led to this island.  

i didn't even know about crsmt at the time but my epiphany came on the cliffs above shelter cove in northern california almost exactly a year ago.  i climbed up from the beach where everyone else was surfing; taking a narrow, steep, slippery route that led to a little makeshift gazebo.  i sat, staring at the sun sparkling on the water and decided that the trip to costa rica that nikki and i had been talking about needed to happen.  i wasn't sure why, or where it would lead but i knew in that moment that it was meant to happen.

i had no idea what i was in for.

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