Oct 20, 2013


                                                                                               back to yoga!!!

take a wide stance, turn your front foot forward, bend your front knee, ground your back foot at an angle, open your hips, sink down deeply - as deep as you can keeping you front knee over your ankle, lift out of your front hip, center your shoulders, roll them down your back, lift your arms, extend through your fingertips, don't lean forward - stay perfectly upright, find a spot to gaze beyond your front fingertips, lift your chin, breathe, feel your energy expand from your core into your legs, into your feet, into the earth, feel your energy expand from your heart through all your limbs and out your fingertips, all around you,  feel your energy expand from your crown, lift, settle, breathe.  

one arm reaches into the past, one arm reaches into the future.  you are in the middle, perfectly balanced in the present.  do not observe the pose happening to you.  embody this pose.  be a warrior.  not a warrior of aggression but a warrior poised to strike down obstacles.  identify your obstacles, recognize your tools, define your desire and purpose and breathe.   

how long can you stay here, in this present moment?

"..Sometimes he danced; sometimes he laughed aloud; sometimes he stood wrapt in meditation; sometimes he trampled upon the earth; sometimes he sang; sometimes he wept repeatedly: and he was endowed with the faculties of wisdom, dispassion, power, penance, truth, endurance, fortitude, dominion, and self-knowledge..."

- description of the warrior virabhada, the vishnu purana

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