Jun 25, 2013


i'm living in a condo, in the center of a development, in the center of a farming community, on the edge of the western slope of the rockies.  it's a strange place, different from any i've ever live in before.  i've lived on farmland before, but not land peppered with giant and i admit - hideous - developments.  it's a weird place to drive around, admiring the old barns and rolling fields where they've started making hay, and then boom!  development.  it makes me sad of course; the waste of this beautiful prairie.  but then again i'm glad i'm not living in the city proper so i guess i'm part of the problem, not the solution. 

anyway, i've decided to just embrace development living.  i know it's temporary, and it certainly has it's conveniences, so i'm going to enjoy it.  i've been playing around with the idea of doing a photo project on suburbia; trying to find the visually interesting in a place i find somewhat visually and creatively repellant.  but for now i just can't help it.  i'm more enamored with the farmland.  

someone has to document all these beautiful, abandoned barns before they tear them down and put in a golfcourse.

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