Jun 19, 2013



  "this morning russ woke me by wishing me a happy six month anniversary.  we chose "surprise" as our theme today.  he surprised me, not with a puppy or 'a thing but an experience,' by giving me a 30 minute gyrocopter ride over the coast and jungles of the nicoya.  my stomach was still a bit upset and i was nervous but it turned out to be a most excellent and amazing adventure.
    the gyrocopter is not like a plane or a regular helicopter.  for one thing it's open air and it's tiny.  once the propellers gained momentum they seemed to hold it even once he cut the engine and we slowly sank towards the ground.  
    at times we were high above it all seeing the coast stretch out for miles and miles in either direction; seeing the storms over the ocean and the mist rising off the jungle.  at other times we were so low over the waves it felt like a pelican's view as they hover and skim across the sea.   it was the best surprise and the best present and the best six months of my life.
    i've ridden gyrocopters, surfboards, motorcycles, quads, cars, beach cruisers, boats, scooters, tiny planes, big jets, city trains, tuk tuks and taxis.  i've been on both sides of the world in temples and jungles and ruins and metropolises.  i've had beer on beaches and cocktails in skybars.  i've dined with diplomats and pop stars and poor tico farmers.  i've gambled in vegas and hiked through deserts.  i've gone snorkeling and yogaing and jungling and watting and flying.  i've seen dolphins and puma and tapir and monkeys.  i've eaten mangos and papayas fresh from the trees and pineapple from the ground.  i've learned to machete open a coconut and drive doubled up on a scooter and surf and teach yoga and speak sanskrit and lean into the curves.
    i have fallen in love.
    i have laughed and cried and learned and felt more than i ever imagined.
    it has been an epic six months.  i can't wait for six months more."

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